Ukrainian man steals bitcoins from the Dark Web for the cause

Alex Holden, a computer researcher and hacker tracking specialist of Ukrainian origin living in the United States is said to have sabotaged the Russian black market. This patriot managed to divert a significant portion of Dark Web cryptos from the Solaris platform. However, he offered these bitcoins to a charity providing aid in his war-affected country.

Dirty bitcoins stolen for Ukrainians

The spy expert, Alex Holden, is the head of Hold Security a computer security company, since 2013. According to what our colleagues from Forbes report, this Ukrainian patriot and his team managed to hack a large part of the network that powers Solaris. One of the largest Russian drug sales platforms.

Thus, they managed to steal a sum of $25,000 in Bitcoin. They later transferred these funds to Enjoying Life, a charity organization based in Kiev. According to Alex, the dirty money they stole was going to help develop the Russian mafia cartel targeted by the US sanctions.

In fact, Alex Holden left his hometown of Kiev in the 1980s. Currently, he lives in Mequon, a state in Wisconsin in the United States of America. There he runs Hold Security, a company that helped him get his hands on the bitcoins of the dealers on Solaris.

Ukrainian also grabs important information from Solaris

Alex Holden not only diverted bitcoins from this black market, he also grabbed the necessary information that could help him get his hands on the entire illicit activities.

According to Forbes, they managed to “take control of much of the Internet infrastructure powering Solaris, a number of administrator accounts running illicit activities, the website’s source code and a database of its users. As well as drop-off locations for drug deliveries.”

In addition, Alex and his team gained access to the market’s main Wallet used by buyers and dealers. Speaking to Forbes, he reports that this wallet was like an Exchange. It only contained 3 bitcoins.

However, the hacker tracking specialist managed to get his hands on 1.6 BTC, or $25,000.

The Solaris hack opens the way for Alex and his team to get their hands on a larger network, which according to this computer scientist, serves the interests of Moscow. He suspects Solaris of colluding with the Killnet group, a hacker group that has claimed responsibility for several cyberattacks on Ukrainian infrastructure and services.