D’CENT biometric wallet, blockchain at your fingertips

“Not your keys, not your coins” is the adage that pro-cryptos keep harping on. It has to be said that the setbacks encountered by FTX and other centralized platforms have reinforced the importance of self-custody. But how can we secure our cryptos on our own without compromising our experience in this universe? Today, Coinpri presents the D’CENT biometric wallet a solution that lets you sign transactions on the blockchain using your fingerprints.

Note: Although this article was written as part of our partnership, this does not change our opinion. But for the sake of transparency, we wanted to let you know. And to thank you for supporting us from the start: if you buy a wallet or two wallet, click on the respective links to save $35 and $109.

The brains behind this innovation!

Before going into detail about the wallet designed by IoTrust, let’s talk about the team behind this initiative. IoTrust is a Korean company founded in 2017 and specializing in security and authentication solutions for connected devices and digital transactions.

In 2018, the company launches its biometric hardware wallet D’CENT and subsequently obtained a number of international certifications attesting to the robustness of their products.

IoTrust is distinguished by three major areas of expertise, which are also the pillars of the company:

  • Digital asset protection;
  • Financial services;
  • Authentication solutions.

The biometric hardware wallet D’CENT is a combination of these three pillars.

But who is behind this wallet? Well, it’s Sangsu Baek, CEO and former employee of Hansol Secure, a company specializing in IT and embedded proprietary software. The IoTrust team then surrounded itself with industry pioneers for the development of its products.

Now that you know a little more, let’s unpack the D’CENT wallet you’ve bought, or are about to buy!

D’Cent Wallet box contents

The wallet is delivered in a box, itself protected in bubble wrap and a cardboard shell. These precautions taken by the company to ship its parcels demonstrate the attention paid to the user experience, a fact attested to by the hundreds of positive reviews of the product on online sales services.

When you also receive your D’cent wallet, which you can purchase by clicking on the link for an EXCLUSIVE $35 discount, remove the cover from the wallet, making sure that the wallet’s non-use indicators are still intact.

If you have bought two wallets to save $109, and help a friend to secure his/her assets, we advise you to complete the following steps for 1 wallet before moving on to the second.

DCENT biometric wallet hardware box contents
D’CENT biometric wallet hardware box contents

Case includes :

  • 1 wallet D’CENT, we’re here for it after all;
  • 1 micro-USB cable for charging;
  • 1 user manual;
  • 2 cards to record your 24-word recovery phrase
  • 1 welcome card addressed to the new buyer that you are (will be?), containing a QR code to guide you through the start-up phase.

Let’s start by scanning this QR code to begin installing our new crypto wallet.

Getting started with the wallet

Below is a diagram of the biometric wallet’s user interfaces. D’CENT, which we’ll be using in the rest of this presentation.

d cent wallet use coinpri - Coinpri
D’CENT biometric wallet user interface, Source : userguide.dcentwallet.com

Before going any further, one thing will strike you: the wallet is particularly light and ergonomic, a true companion that slips seamlessly into your pocket or handbag.

But for this companion to become active, we first have to press the power button. Given that this is the beast’s first wake-up call, the installation procedure starts quickly.

The first step in this setup is to select the most suitable language for interacting with the wallet.

We leave it to you to choose between :

  • English;
  • Korean;
  • Chinese;
  • Japanese;
  • Spanish.

For our part, we’ve naturally chosen English as the reference language, otherwise the rest of this presentation might drag on a bit!

Our new cold wallet then asks us if we want to create a new wallet or import an existing one.

Since we’re launching the wallet for the first time, we’ll assume that we don’t have a wallet to import.

Press the validation button and portfolio creation begins.

Creation of a new wallet

Create a password (PIN)

To secure our wallet, the biometric wallet D’CENT first required setting up a password, or PIN for those in the know, comprising between 4 and 8 digits.

This PIN code will then have to be confirmed a second time before being established as our wallet’s primary security. It should be emphasized that a message is brought to our attention if the PIN code chosen is deemed too simple by the wallet.

Password selection for our wallet Source userguidedcentwalletcom
Selecting a password for our wallet, Source : userguide.dcentwallet.com

Biometric fingerprint scan

After checking our PIN, the wallet creation procedure continues with the initialization of our biometric fingerprint.

We are asked to select a finger with which we wish to register, and to press repeatedly on the fingerprint sensor located in the center of the wallet.

The idea of this step is to map our fingerprint so that we can recognize it safely and securely the next time we interact with the wallet.

In fact, it’s with this fingerprint that transactions will be able to leave our wallet, guaranteeing optimal security.

Seed phrase recovery (Recovery phrase)

Our imprint is validated, let’s attack the last step of this portfolio creation process on our biometric cold wallet D’CENT.

Armed with a pen and one of the “Your Personal Recovery Seed” cards contained in the box, it’s time to write down our recovery phrase.

As a reminder, a crypto wallet is generated from a list of 24 words randomly drawn from a specific dictionary.

With these 24 words, anyone can import your portfolio (a step we’ve already taken) and access your funds: keep these words safe!

For its part, the wallet presents us with 6 sets of 4 words that we need to note down and keep safe from prying eyes.

Take the time to write them down legibly and make sure you can reread all the words one by one. And above all write them down, no photo or Word file. If the card is there, it’s not for show!

Rewriting your Seed Phrase

Before completely anchoring our wallet, a quiz is presented to confirm that we have correctly written down our recovery phrase.

To pass this test and get a nice 20/20, we’ll have to mark each of the 24 words in the right order.

Don’t panic!D’CENT user interface will help us complete this task in record time. All we have to do is enter the first 3 letters of a word, and we’re presented with a list of words beginning with those 3 letters.

seed phrase 1 coinpri - Coinpri

Now all we have to do is choose the right word from the list.

Checking our recovery phrase Source userguidedcentwalletcom
Verifying our recovery phrase, Source : userguide.dcentwallet.com

Once the 24 words have been restored in the correct order, our biometric cold wallet D’CENT is ready to use!

Installation complete Bravo Source userguidedcentwalletcom
Installation complete. Bravo! Source : userguide.dcentwallet.com

All of these steps took us about 10 minutes to complete, for a very readable and enjoyable experience!

We can really feel the effort put into the user experience when interacting with the cold wallet, and thus avoid an unpleasant experience for users.

Let’s move on to how to get to grips with the application D’CENT wallet, which works in conjunction with the physical wallet. Now the real work begins!

Overview of the D’Cent Wallet application

Available on IOS and Android, the application allows us to :

  • View our portfolio;
  • Send and receive funds;
  • Manage the various cryptos contained in it;
  • Manage versions of our wallet;
  • Interact with the various planned applications using the tab Discovery.

The application is therefore specifically designed to work in conjunction with our Cold wallet. Let’s see how to make this symbiosis work.

Once you’ve downloaded the application, open it and specify the type of wallet you have: a biometric wallet in our case.

After a few introductory questions, you’re on the main page of the D’CENT application.

DCENT main menu
D’CENT main menu

As we’ve already explained, the cold wallet and the app work together, communicating via a Bluetooth connection.

Switch on Bluetooth on your phone and click on the Bluetooth icon currently highlighted in red in the application.

Activate your Bluetooth
Activate your Bluetooth

Your wallet appears in a few seconds, and you can pair it with your app. Once the cold wallet has been paired with the app, all you have to do is select your favorite cryptos to start interacting with the blockchain.

By pressing the Add account, you can add the accounts of your favorite crypto projects.

We’ve chosen to add 3 accounts for this demonstration, namely Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) and Polygon (MATIC).

It’s also possible to set the name we want for each of our accounts. For our part, we’ve kept things as simple as possible:

Add accounts on D'Cent application
Add accounts on D’Cent’s application

At this point, there’s nothing to stop you from writing to these blockchain blocks with your D’CENT wallet. Let’s start by receiving funds in our wallet!

Receiving funds in your Wallet

To receive funds in our wallet, we need to find and display our address. To do this, simply click on Receive from the desired account.

The reception address is displayed in literal form or with a QR Code that can be scanned directly.

You can also choose to display your address directly on your cold wallet. This versatility alleviates any battery worries and enhances the wallet’s ergonomics.

It's time to receive some MATIC
It’s time to get some MATIC.

For the sake of the demonstration, we sent a few MATICs to our address. Within seconds, the application reflected our updated balance.

Tadaaa the MATIC have arrived
Tadaaa the MATIC have arrived!

Send money to friends and family with ease

Now let’s perform the reverse transaction send funds ! This is where the magic of biometric recognition takes place.

Click on our account “MATIC-01”, which now contains some tokens, we can select the option “Send” to send cryptos to a recipient on the blockchain. A new page opens, asking for the amount to be sent and the transaction’s priority level.

Time to send funds!
Time to send funds!

Once this information has been validated, the transaction is submitted to the cold wallet for approval.

The application tells us that, a validation of the information is required by pressing the confirmation button on the biometric cold wallet D’CENT.

Confirm transaction
Confirm transaction

Finally, the cold wallet asks us to sign the transaction with our fingerprint. This way, no one can take cryptos out of our wallet without our fingerprint.

After a few seconds, our balance is updated again and our transaction recorded in the decentralized ledger, aka: the Blockchain.


The D’CENT wallet as you can see, is very easy to use and is a fantastic entry point for newcomers to the crypto ecosystem. The application features easy-to-read ergonomics and a Discovery tab enabling you to carry out other types of operation, such as swaps, or establish a connection with Metamask from your own interface. At the time of writing, the wallet D’CENT now supports over 33,000 cryptos and frequent updates continue to enhance the application’s content. To make sure you don’t miss out on any of these new features, we invite you to follow D’CENT on Twitter and Youtube.

Now you’re one of those who REALLY own their cryptocurrencies. If this isn’t already the case, and this article has convinced you to protect your cryptos with a D’CENT Wallet, through Coinpri, you get an exclusive $35 discount on your purchase. Don’t hesitate to give us your feedback on using the wallet, and above all, be well.