e& launches the first Metaverse in the United Arab Emirates

Technology group e& announces the launch of the first metaverse in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), a revolutionary initiative that offers unique experiences ensures the company.

The United Arab Emirates now have their own metaverse!

Technological evolution is at the center of attention, and if the United States and the Europe are growing by the day, the United Arab Emirates are not to be outdone. The technology group e& launched the first metaverse of the UAE. A giant step forward, since this initiative will propel the digital experience within the region.

Developed in partnership with VIVERSE technology from HTC, the platform creates a virtual realm in which users have unlimited possibilities. According to Chief Consumer Officer from Etisalat by e&, Khaled Elkhouly, this metaverse will offer users an immersive experience, changing the way they create, interact and explore the digital ecosystem. The aim is, of course, to push back the boundaries of the digital innovation and create unforgettable experiences in a constantly evolving metaverse.

A universe of revolutionary features

The metaverse is booming, and everyone is using their imagination to come up with ever more dazzling experiences. E& is in the same vein, as the group works hard to satisfy its users and takes immersive social experiences to a new level.

Indeed, its functionalities reflect the commitment of e& to propose innovative means. Much more than a digital platform, the UAE’s first metaverse will bring together events from the real and virtual worlds. The universe features numerous spaces that users can visit at their leisure: from concerts to shopping and sporting events, the choices are endless.

What’s more, the E& houses virtual homes in which they can add their personal touch using NFTs and other digital assets.

For the launch, the E& allows users to pre-order devices from the new series Samsung Galaxy in the metaverse. They can then capture virtual moments to share with their families.

The UAE now has its own metaverse and the latter will enable users to explore new horizons and enjoy unique experiences. It remains to be seen whether the country’s citizens will adopt it.