NFTs are coming to Linktree in partnership with OpenSea

After Meta with Instagram and Twitter, it’s Linktree‘s turn to look at integrating NFT on its app. In addition to serving as a gateway to various links for social networks as it currently does, the app now supports NFT.

Linktree, NFT don’t hide the forest

This new feature integrates a gallery of NFT allowing the presentation of user collections. It is possible to use a profile picture but also a NFT background. The big new feature is the “lock” option which allows you to lock access to certain links and to unlock them only to visitors who have the required NFT. The most famous tree also offers the generation of an interactive link to view OpenSea collections without having to leave the page.

Linktree will use OpenSea, the most famous NFT marketplace, as well as the Metamask wallet.

According to Ryan Foutty, vice president of business development at OpenSea:

The new integrations allow users to highlight their NFT creations with just one click on Linktree. We know that many NFT designers and collectors already use Linktree to access their collections on Opensea and are excited that these new features will simplify their display.

Ryan Foutty, vice president of business development at Opensea

As we can see, the buzz around the digital economy related to NTFs from major social network players is adding value to the entire digital asset exchange ecosystem. With a recent $110 million fundraising, Linktree is now worth $1.3 billion. Is this the beginning of a new wave of adoption for non-fungible assets? One thing is for sure: they are not going to disappear anytime soon.