Cloudflare chooses Ethereum to explore the Web3

Cloudflare, whose specialty is content delivery and protection against DDoS attacks, announces a move towards Web3 by becoming an Ethereum node validator!

Etherum seduces Cloudflare

Cloudflare, the Internet security company, is planning to execute and implement validation nodes for the Ethereum blockchain. At this time, we do not know how many nodes are planned, but Cloudflare is determined to evolve the Internet using the Proof of Stake (PoS).

Cloudflare has stated that blockchain technology will be an integral part of the history of the internet and the beginning of the decentralization of its networks. The company also wants to implement this before the Ethereum blockchain consensus change event: The merge.

Over the next few months, Cloudflare will be launching, and bringing fully into play, Ethereum validator nodes on Cloudflare’s global network as ‘The Merge’ approaches. These nodes will serve as a testing ground for research into energy efficiency, consistency management and network speed.


While the mechanism used by the Bitcoin blockchain, the Proof of Work (Pow) is thus definitively blacklisted, the company in its commitment to sustainability wishes to start with the PoS, before moving towards the use of another consensus mechanism called the Proof of Space Time (PoST).

Yes, you read that right! A little explanation at the speed of light? Let’s say it’s the proof of space allocation to the network over a period of time… If you want to know more, check out Chia Network and Spacemesh.

Cloudflare’s evolutionary ambitions are clearly rooted in an R&D that hints at the company’s future experiments. Claiming values common to those of the blockchain community, namely to build a decentralized, fast, ecological and secure internet, the company with 656.4 million dollars of turnover will undoubtedly be a cornerstone of the Web3 edifice.