Boss Beauties, Instagram launches its first NFT!

While the market is plagued by doubts and panic and the UST is struggling to regain its peg, unlike the USDT, Instagram launches its first NFT!

Instagram is getting into the world of NFTs!

It’s no surprise to anyone, Meta, the company behind Facebook and Instagram had indicated in the past its desire to support NFTs. A desire that it confirmed on May 10 by indicating to support Ethereum and Polygon. To these two blockchains will soon be added Solana and Flow, THE blockchain of NFT which has recently announced the establishment of a $725 million fund to boost its development!

On the side of supported wallets we find unsurprisingly MetaMask, TrustWallet and Rainbowdotme.

But then when was the company going to announce the release of the first NFT? Well, they did. It has already done so… At least indirectly!

Boss Beauties, the first non-fungible token of Instagram!

Do you know the Boss Beauties NFT collection? No ? Well, neither do I. It’s an initiative made by women for women to promote the democratization of women in the tech space and new technologies. As the creators of the movement say:

A Woman Can Be Everything She Wants.

But why are we talking about this collection? Well, because it seems to be the first NFT on Instagram!

The Boss Beauties twitter account indeed declared, a little less than 24 hours ago, that it had just posted one of the first NFT supported by Instagram!

For the curious, here is the link to it, don’t forget to have your app updated to enjoy the features.

With the collection stating that it is part of the Beta of Instagram’s NFT program, it’s easy to assume that the feature won’t be open to the general public right away.

Nevertheless, this is another important step in the adoption of blockchain and its ecosystem. And at a time when panic is taking over the hearts of some, this news is an opportunity to keep in mind that large groups do not invest time and money in a futile manner. Let’s hear it…