Amnesty International launches NFT collection to defend abortion rights

Human rights organization Amnesty International has announced the launch of its own NFTs to defend abortion rights around the world. Called HU.R.R.A, the NFT collection will be launched in collaboration with artist Lucyle Massu and Web3 Witloof. Amnesty International may be following in the footsteps of the Human Rights Foundation, which defends human rights through the development of Bitcoin.

Defending abortion rights with the NFT HU.R.R.A collection

More and more humanitarian and activist organizations understand the opportunities offered by the Web3 and are not hesitating to put this technological revolution to work for a cause. The latest is the human rights organization Amnesty International. Indeed, the Belgian section of this NGO has announced the launch of its own NFT to defend and promote the right to abortion in Belgium and around the world.

The NFT collection of Amnesty International is called HU.R.R.A meaning Human Rights = Right to Abortion. For its success, Amnesty International has teamed up with artist Lucyle Massu and the company Web3 Witloof. These two partners share a common interest in defending activist causes through art and Web 3.0.

Winner of the Boghossian Foundation Prize, Lucyle MASSU is an artist who highlights injustices. She is the founder of the NFT HU.R.R.A collection after being outraged by the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision to deny abortion rights. Witloof is a digital art publishing house in Belgium whose goal is to help artists and organizations make the transition to Web 3.0. Held by the famous publisher and activist Luc Pire, Witloof will co-publish the NFT HU.R.R.A. collection.

The HU.R.R.A project is innovative in that it combines human rights advocacy, artistic promotion and NFT-driven innovation. The director of the Belgian section of Amnesty International hopes that this project will allow to defend effectively the right to abortion.

Let’s hope that this initiative in a still little explored field of the digital world will allow to advance in the real world the respect of this human right.

Philippe Hensmans, Director of the French-speaking Belgian section of Amnesty International.

According to Amnesty International, the official launch of the NFT HU.R.RA collection will take place in early March in conjunction with International Women’s Rights Day. In April, 10,000 NFTs will go on sale. The sales platform for these NFTs has not been communicated. However, a website dedicated to the HU.R.R.A NFT has already been set up and may provide more information in the future.

Amnesty International on the heels of the Human Rights Foundation?

Cryptocurrencies are a powerful tool for the defense and promotion of Human Rights. Long before Amnesty International, the Human Rights Foundation had already understood this. This American human rights organization set up a Bitcoin development fund in 2020. As part of this fund, the Human Rights Foundation subsidizes projects and actors promoting the use of Bitcoin.

Six months ago, $325,000 was donated to a dozen projects to support their Bitcoin development efforts. Among the beneficiaries is the African Bitcoin Conference, the first edition of which was organized in Ghana last year.

The technological revolution driven by Web 3.0 offers many opportunities. Like Amnesty International, many people and organizations are jumping on board to advance their causes. No matter what field you are involved in, you can also use it for your project, your vision or your fight.