Wallcrypt Launches First Crypto Eloquence Contest at Virtuality Web3 Summit

The world of blockchain is a world apart, with its own lexicon and its own codes. But imagine for a moment that this somewhat closed community organizes an eloquence contest to explain its stakes to the general public. Well, this is exactly what will happen on March 17th, during the “Blockchain Talents” contest organized by Wallcrypt which will take place at Virtuality!

Note: Coinpri is a partner of the event and we will offer an article in English and French to the winner!

The Blockchain Talents, a major fight between Crypto Speakers!

Imagine the scene: a dozen candidates passionate about blockchain, NFTs, the metaverse and tokenization, ready to take up the challenge of explaining these complex concepts in just 3 minutes. Three minutes to convince the jury and make an impression.

Impossible you say? It’s true, but this is the crazy ambition of Wallcrypt for March 17th in Paris during the Virtuality Web3 Summit.

Don’t worry, the stunts, I mean the speeches will be performed by professionals, the speakers having been handpicked! And to ensure a quality show, they have all been coached by the AFPAO, the Association of Professional Trainers in Oratory Arts.

Obviously, who says contest, says also Jury and in this one we will find several recognized personalities in the field of blockchain:

  • Olivier GODEST, CEO of Virtuality Web3 Summit
  • Nicolas BACCA, co-founder of Ledger
  • Laurent BAINIER, editor in chief of 20 Minutes France
  • Valentin DEME, BFM business consultant
  • Claudia LOMMA, producer and host of the NFT Business podcast
  • Jean-Corentin POISSON, president of the AFPAO Association of Professional Trainers in Oratory Arts
  • Victor TAMER, editor and head of partnerships BeinCrypto.

The competition is going to be tough, but don’t worry, this contest is not reserved for blockchain experts. On the contrary, the goal is to make these topics accessible and understandable for everyone.

No more jargon and long speeches, the candidates will have to popularize the most complex concepts to make them accessible to the greatest number of people.

Last but not least, the competition also includes prizes. Coinpri as a partner of the event will offer an article in English and French to the winner. You will learn a little more about his career and especially his projects!

The “Blockchain Talents” contest is the perfect opportunity to discover the world of blockchain in a fun and original way. So if you are curious and want to know more about blockchain and Web3, go to Virtuality on March 17th and don’t forget to take your ticket for the event if you haven’t already done so. For more details, we invite you to visit Wallcrypt’s website and above all: may the best win!