Virtuality, a very Real Web3 Summit to understand the challenges of VR!

Lovers of virtual reality being in Paris in this month of March, I hope you have already taken your free ticket for Virtuality, the biggest event in the field on the 16th and 17th. How come? Ok, let’s fix that together.

Virtuality Web 3 Summit, the meeting place for Virtual Reality lovers

It’s no secret that virtual reality is attracting more and more people and the sector is developing at breakneck speed, but how do you follow the latest innovations in the sector? How to stay on top? Or even quite simply how to get started in such a vast sector.

The answer is in 3 words: Virtuality Web3 Summit.

If you are in the Paris region on March 16 and 17, we invite you to attend the most complete Summit on the subject.

In addition, the event is free and promised, you are not the product! The products and applications of the sector, it will be Tezos, Microsoft, Lenovo, EDF, Exaion and other sponsors and participants to explain them to you!

Just to make your mouth water, the event will bring together 60 speakers who will lead more than 50 conferences on topics such as:

  • Why and how to train employees in metaverse?
  • Enterprise Metaverse: From Bullshit to Reality
  • The future of work in the era of Web3: recruitment, productivity, loyalty and new human relationships
  • From reality to virtual production: how 3D digitization is reinventing the creation of sets for audiovisual productions?
  • NFT Concept, Audit and license management

As you can see, some conferences also deal with Web3 (it’s in the title of the event as a reminder), but virtual reality is the main target of the event.

Why you MUST participate in Virtuality

As said before, the event is free, and it is undeniable that basic or advanced knowledge of virtual reality is a HUGE asset for the future. We are talking about an area that represented $16.67 billion in 2022, but expected to reach $227.34 billion by 2029, according to Fortune Business Insights!

The best positions are still to be filled or have not even been created yet! To make sure you stay ahead, nothing beats a good network. With more than 5,000 participants expected, Virtuality is also the perfect opportunity to network.

If you are a professional, you are strongly encouraged to take your ticket to improve your knowledge of virtual reality, and we’ll meet at Virtuality on March 16 and 17.