Will Trump soon be a crypto billionaire? His reserves approach $10 million

Having only recently accepted crypto for his campaign donations, former US President Donald Trump now appears to be fully embracing the sector. Indeed, his crypto holdings have recently surged, crossing the symbolic $10 million mark.

Donald Trump, from skeptic to crypto advocate!

Long a cryptocurrency skeptic, Donald Trump appears now appreciate their potential. In 2019, he was still describing Bitcoin as “very volatile” and “based on wind”. However, his recent campaign speeches mark a real inflection, an openness of mind to this emerging universe.

Recently, for example, the ex-president recognized the opportunities offered by blockchain and cryptos to transform the financial landscape.

Blockchain and cryptocurrencies offer new opportunities for growth and efficiency. We must explore and harness these innovations to ensure our country remains a global leader.

Donald Trump

Trump crosses the 10 million mark in crypto

This conversion of Trump‘s commitment to the crypto credo is also reflected in the facts. According to the data from ArkhamIntel his crypto portfolio now stands at over $10 million. This spectacular rise is mainly attributable to the remarkable performance of the token $TRUMP, a digital asset created in his honor and valued at $7.3 million.

This high-profile entry by the former president into the digital asset markets seems to be motivated by a growing appetite for this universe, but also by electoral considerations. Indeed, his campaign has begun accepting donations in crypto.

Having long denigrated Bitcoin and its derivatives, Donald Trump now seems won over by cryptos. This change is probably aimed primarily at appealing to the public, who are increasingly sensitive to these new financial assets in the run-up to the 2024 presidential election.