Donald Trump accepts crypto for his presidential campaign!

Donald Trump is gearing up for the US presidential elections this November. Following up on his earlier statements, Donald Trump is now accepting cryptocurrency donations for his election campaign. This unprecedented decision in the United States could bring the former president more campaign funds, but also and above all political support.

Trump raises campaign funds in crypto

Former U.S. President Donald Trump takes another step towards cryptocurrency. A few days after having promised that his campaign would accept cryptocurrency donationsDonald Trump has taken action. The former American president now accepts cryptocurrency donations for his campaign for the US elections scheduled for November 2024. This is the first time in US history that a major party candidate has accepted crypto donations.

According to the candidate’s campaign team, acceptance of cryptocurrency is proof that Donald Trump is the candidate committed to freedom and American innovation. While criticizing the administration’s policies Biden on crypto, Trump promises to make America great again by adopting new technologies.

Demonstrating President Trump’s success as a champion of American freedom and innovation, we’re proud to offer you the opportunity to contribute to the campaign with cryptocurrencies.

Team Trump

For the moment, eight crypto are supported by the platform for collecting donations for the campaign of Trump. The most important are Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Solana (SOL), USDC, XRP, Dogecoin (DOGE) and Shiba Inu.

Pro-crypto Trump versus anti-crypto Biden

The acceptance of crypto donations is obviously aimed at endowing Donald Trump the resources needed to run his election campaign. However, this act is also eminently political. Donald Trump wants to establish himself as the cryptocurrency-friendly candidate, unlike his main challenger Joe Biden. The political stakes between the two candidates are high: 20% of the American electorate holds crypto.

In the press release announcing the acceptance of crypto donations, Donald Trump is shown to be pro-innovation. It is clearly stated that as president, Donald Trump has championed innovation in financial technology. If elected in November, Trump will continue efforts to reduce government control over citizens’ financial decisions. Nothing better than crypto to embody this commitment to valuing freedom over state control.

In other news, Joe Biden is portrayed as a staunch supporter of government control, restricting Americans’ choice to make their own financial choices. The Biden team Trump accuses in particular Joe Biden of wanting to set up “an anti-crypto army” through, in particular, the Democratic senator Elizabeth Warren.

Elizabeth Warren, Biden’s surrogate, said …, that she was building an “anti-crypto army” to restrict Americans’ right to make their own financial choices.

Trump team

Although current speeches by Trump are political campaign speeches with occasional factually false statements, the former president is totally right about Elizabeth Warren. In the crypto ecosystem, Senator Warren is infamously known as the standard-bearer of anti-crypto regulation.

Donald Trump’s acceptance of crypto is a well-thought-out financial and political coup. Not only will the former president raise significant funds, but also, and more importantly, he will attract an important electorate. For his part, Biden also seems to be making eyes at the pro-crypto electorate. Visit SEC’s unexpected U-turn towards Ethreum ETFs is a recent illustration of this. The good news is that in the USA, political players can no longer ignore crypto in the public debate.