South African giant Pic N Pay accepts Bitcoin payments

fter a successful test in 39 South African stores last November, retail giant Pic N Pay has resolved to switch off Bitcoin payments in all of its 2,000 stores in South Africa. To this end, Pic N Pay has partnered with CryptoQR, which will have to provide the payment infrastructure.

Bitcoin payment is now possible in 2000 businesses in South Africa

Using Bitcoin to buy airline and bus tickets or pay municipal and electricity bills is now possible in South Africa. Indeed, Pick N Pay, a major South African retailer has announced that it now accepts Bitcoin payments.

This announcement comes after a test of Bitcoin payments in 39 stores since November 2022. The Bitcoin payment made in this test cost the buyer only $0.04 in transaction fees. All indications are that this first test was successful.

To facilitate Bitcoin payments, Pick N Pay has joined forces with the cryptoQR company. The latter will provide the infrastructure for Bitcoin payments in Pick N Pay stores. CryptoQR was excited to announce the news on Twitter.

Milestone in the use and adoption of Bitcoin in South Africa

Given the wide range of products that Pick N Pay facilitates access to, it will now be possible to live in South Africa with just Bitcoin. Pick N Pay has nearly 2,000 stores that operate in diversified sectors such as food, transportation, electricity, logistics, etc. In addition, the company has a 16% market share of the country’s food and grocery sector.

By allowing people to pay in Bitcoin, Pic N Pay is expected to boost the use and adoption of cryptocurrency in South Africa. Other retail businesses are also expected to take a cue from Pic N Pay.

To those who accuse Bitcoin of being useless, the facts prove otherwise. Because of its decentralization and features, Bitcoin is a safe, simple and cheaper way to pay.