Shiba Inu, the founder suddenly disappears from the radar!

Shiba Inu’s founder, known only by the pseudonym Ryoshi, has been intriguing since the launch of the SHIB project in 2020. Recently, movements on his crypto wallets suggest that he’s still trying to cover his tracks.

Analysis pointing to the identity of Shiba Inu’s founder

The platform Bubblemaps recently published a detailed analysis of wallets SHIB supposedly held by Ryoshi. According to their study, these crypto wallets could control more than 10% of all tokens SHIB in circulation.

This analysis and the identification of these portfolios represent a threat to the anonymity to which the founder of Shiba Inu is so fond of. He was reportedly quick to react to the Bubblemaps by sending a message criticizing the lack of respect for his privacy.

Following this message, two of the main wallets studied by Bubblemaps have been completely emptied by their owners. The SHIB tokens that they contained would have been moved to no less than 20 new portfolios.

Still according to Bubblemaps, this sudden move is clearly a “de-clustering” attempt from Shiba Inu’s founder. By dividing up his funds in this complex way, he hopes to muddy the waters and make it more difficult to keep track of his assets.

Anonymity claimed from the outset

Although Shiba Inu’s founder has not officially confirmed that he is behind these fund transfers, his alleged desire for anonymity is very much in line with what we know about him. Since the creation of SHIB in 2020, he communicates very little publicly, and always in an enigmatic way.

The anonymity enabled by crypto assets seems paramount in the founder’s eyes. By reallocating his assets in the wake of the Bubblemaps article, Ryoshi demonstrates a steadfast commitment to keeping his true identity under wraps.

Owing to the advantages provided by cryptocurrencies, Ryoshi possesses the capability to continually disrupt the digital landscape. Despite analysts’ efforts to solve the enigma, he has shown an adept use of intricate strategies to evade any attempts to uncover the origins of Shiba Inu and its creator’s identity.

The unfolding saga of Ryoshi continues to captivate the Shiba Inu community. This elusive founder remains resolute in his quest to maintain his anonymity, a commitment he has upheld since the inception of the project. While his tactics appear to have been effective thus far, analysts remain undeterred in their pursuit of uncovering the truth.