FTX hacker moves $8 million after 1-year silence!

Almost a year after the mega-hacking that precipitated FTX’s bankruptcy, the hacker has once again moved some funds stolen from the exchange platform. This involves a transfer of several million dollars in Ethereum, spotted by Arkham. We take a look back at this case, which continues to haunt the cryptocurrency world.

A record $383 million hack on FTX

In November 2022, the crypto exchange platform FTX has been the victim of the second largest hack in cryptocurrency history. The hacker succeeded in infiltrating the exchange’s systems and initiating unauthorized transfers to its own wallet for an equivalent of $383 million.

Although some funds were recovered, the massive theft dealt a fatal blow to the crypto company, which was already in financial difficulty. A few days after the hack was announced, it filed for bankruptcy protection.

In the days following his mega-hit, the hacker had quickly converted part of the loot into Ethereum (ETH) becoming one of the largest holders of this cryptocurrency.

Until now, the hacker had not touched anything, but according to the company Arkham, he just moved his funds.

A transfer of $8 million in Ethereum

According to Arkham, a company specializing in blockchain analysis, the hacker has just transferred tokens for the first time since the hack. In fact, the scammer has moved 8 million in Ethereum through the platforms RailGun and Thorchain.

This sudden move shows that the hacker still has his loot and seems to be able to move it without too much difficulty despite the monitoring he is under. Almost a year after the fact, this case continues to haunt the crypto market. It is also a cruel reminder that centralized exchanges remain highly vulnerable to cyber-attacks, despite security efforts.

The recent transfer by the hacker FTX proves that he’s still happily profiting a year later. Despite being hounded, he can move several million dollars worth of ETH as he pleases. This affair will probably continue to loom like a shadow over the crypto ecosystem, reminding us of the need for reinforced cybersecurity. So don’t hesitate to turn to security solutions like the one offered by our partner D’Cent Wallet.