Bitget Launches BWB Token For Web3 Wallet

Bitget Wallet, Asia’s leading Web3 wallet, takes a major step forward with the introduction of its native BWB token and a generous airdrop program for its growing community. This strategic move aims to encourage user engagement and foster a dynamic ecosystem.

The BWB token, a catalyst for community involvement

A new era for Bitget Wallet and its growing community with the long-awaited announcement of the launch of its native token, the BWB. This bold initiative promises to revitalize the Web3 ecosystem and reward the loyalty of its 19 million users of the platform.

With a total offering of one billion tokens, including a generous 5% allocation reserved for community airdrops, Bitget Wallet demonstrates its commitment to its users by offering them the opportunity to actively participate in the platform’s development.

The airdrop campaign, which runs from March 18 to April 28 is divided into two complementary parts:

  • The initial airdrop, a reward for loyal users based on their history of wallet use.
  • Task airdrop, which encourages active participation by awarding BWB points to users performing specific actions.

BWB points accumulated during these airdrops can be exchanged for real BWB tokens during the second quarter of 2024. This innovative approach allows Bitget Wallet users to become fully involved in the development of the platform and benefit from its future growth.

Rewards reserved for all users

Users of well-known Web3 portfolios, such as MetaMask, Trust Wallet or Coinbase Wallet, having previously carried out transactions via the Swap function will also benefit from BWB bonus points during this airdrop campaign.

In addition, new users who download the application during the campaign period will receive 50 BWB points as a welcome gift.

Alvin Kan, director of operations at Bitget Wallet highlighted the essential role of BWB as a key that opens the door to exclusive advantages for its holders. These privileges include a say in community governance, priority access to future ecosystem airdrops, as well as a share in the profits generated by the platform’s growth.

Bitget Wallet, a major Web3 player

With more than five years of experience, Bitget Wallet has established itself as the first WEB3 wallet in Asia and one of the five largest in the world.

Its remarkable career was marked by a $15 million Series A financing round led by Dragonfly, followed by a strategic acquisition by Bitget for $300 million in 2023, with an additional investment of $30 million.

Integrated into the Bitget ecosystem, the Bitget Wallet now plays a key role as a gateway to decentralized ecosystems. The BWB token will serve not only as the main asset of the Bitget Wallet, but also as a Web3 equity certificates through the Bitget ecosystem, thus linking practical use cases within the portfolio and broader ecosystem engagement.

With the launch of BWB, the Bitget Wallet aims to attract a billion users on the Web3, while evolving towards a more community-focused governance model. This initiative marks a new stage in the development of the platform, which intends to make its users key players in its growth and success.