Claim the 1st NIM Airdrop Now Thanks to DYM Staking!

We can finally see the Nim Network on the horizon. Built on top of the Dymension blockchain, $NIM will be the native token of the new rollup, focusing on AI and Gaming. The first NIM airdrop is taking place now and you have limited time to claim it. What to do and not to miss? Coinpri explains everything you need to know!

NIM 1st Airdrop, a recap of the most important for you

Am I eligible for the genesis NIM airdrop? Check now

You’re here for that, right? Alright, let’s check it out! 🪂

To claim, you can use Dymension address “dym…” or your EVM address (Ethereum) that starts with “0x…”

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Example of NIM airdrop claim after validating an eligible address as input

Do not use any other link, especially on Twitter, via DM on by email because scammers are always getting more sophisticated. There are even fake Medium articles. We always recommend to look for the source of the information through officials channels and to not click on any other links. DYOR (Do Your Own Research) is a must, as mistakes always remind us.

How is the $NIM token distributed for the genesis airdrop?

The first genesis distribution of NIM takes place through the TGE in other words the creation of the token. So you will receive tokens directly to your wallet if you were eligible. However, you have to add your eligible addresses as input on the website to confirm your participation in the next 2 weeks (no need to sign any transaction or to authenticate with your wallet). If you miss the deadline, well *shrug*

90 million NIM are distributed, representing 9% of the total supply.
50,000,000 NIM (5% of the total $NIM supply) are allocated to DYM stakers.
All active Dymension stakers can receive NIM tokens and the snapshot was taken on 9 March 2024.

Other criteria to be eligible for the first NIM airdrop

a) Gaming, focus on artificial intelligence and on-chain interactions

  • Parallel, a sci-fi world and TCG (Trading Card Game)
  • Pirate Nation
  • AI Arena
  • TODAY The Game

b) Blockchain infrastructure and public funding

  • Ocean Protocol
  • Olas Network (ex Autonolas)
  • Gitcoin
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Claim the 1st NIM Airdrop Now Thanks to DYM Staking!

c) NFT Communities eligible to NIM genesis airdrop

  • Pudgy Penguins
  • 9dcc
  • WolvesDAO

More details in the Medium article

Were you staking DYM? Some have got $DYM tokens but did not stake. Some others were unstaking to get Liquid Tokens through Stride for instance. There are a lot of expectations for airdrops based on staking in this Q1 2024, will the expectations of the crypto space be met? We will see how this first project unfolds and we hope to see more developments on Dymension in the near future!