1,000 Ukrainian Pharmacies Accept Crypto

Paying for medicines in crypto is possible in Ukraine. The exchange Binance has partnered with ANC Pharmacy to facilitate crypto payments in over 1,000 pharmacies in Ukraine. This partnership reveals the social utility of crypto and should boost its adoption in this war-torn country.

Paying for medicines in crypto possible in Ukraine

Ukraine continues the adoption of cryptocurrency in the midst of the war with Russia. Ukrainians can now pay in crypto to buy medicine in some pharmacies. At least that’s what the CEO of Binance announced on Twitter.

To enable crypto payments in Ukrainian pharmacies, the Binance exchange has partnered with ANC Pharmacy. This pharmacy network is one of the largest in Ukraine, with over 1,000 pharmacies in the country.

According to ANC Pharmacy’s announcement, Binance Pay payments will initially be rolled out in Kyiv. However, the new payment functionality will be gradually expanded to ANC pharmacies in other regions of the country.

To be able to make crypto payments, ANC Pharmacy customers will need to download the Binance app and then go to the ANC website to choose a product. Customers will then be able to pay in crypto using Binance Pay and pick up the product at a location of their choice.

This isn’t the first time Binance has worked to promote crypto adoption in war-torn Ukraine. Last September, the exchange partnered with Ukrainian supermarket chain VARUS to facilitate cryptocurrency payments for groceries.

The acceptance of crypto payments by one of the largest pharmaceutical chains in Ukraine is a clear message to those who believe that cryptocurrency is useless. In reality, it’s quite the opposite. In addition to its many uses, ANC Pharmacy and Binance are showing us that crypto is democratizing payments by making them seamless, fast, less expensive and incensurable. This is not only beneficial to businesses and individuals, but also to UN agencies.