Thailand’s SEC sets up a crypto academy

Thailand’s Security Exchange Commission (SEC) has launched a crypto academy where investors can learn about different cryptocurrencies for free before investing. Four courses are currently offered. In addition, the SEC is also offering a self-assessment for investors to test their crypto knowledge. This crypto academy comes days after India launched a similar initiative.

The more you know about your investments, the less risk you take

Some state officials are fiercely against crypto. Others have understood that this sector is promising and that it must be well supervised. This is particularly the case of the Thai authorities.

Indeed, according to, the Securities and Exchange Commission of Thailand has announced the launch of a Crypto Academy. This initiative aims to increase the public’s knowledge of cryptocurrencies to enable them to make an informed investment. As the Thai SEC has made known, “the more you know about your investments, the less risk you run.”

Four courses and a self-assessment to understand crypto

As part of the academy, four essential courses will be taught to the public. The first course will cover the basics of the crypto market: the definition of cryptocurrency, the principles of blockchain technology, etc.

The second course is dedicated to the main characteristics of cryptocurrencies and the technologies behind them. During this course, information about Bitcoin, decentralization and peer-to-peer systems will also be provided to potential investors in the crypto sector.

The third course covers the history, present, and future of the cryptocurrency industry. It is during this course that the various crypto crashes will be discussed. In addition, this course focuses on the crypto ecosystem, digital tokens, NFTs, the metaverse, etc.

The last course focuses on investment strategies, portfolio diversification, asset management, investor sentiment and basic price analysis through the use of charts and other indicators. An interesting guide on crypto investment strategies is available on Coinpri.

In addition, the SEC of Thailand offers a Crypto Quotient (CQ). The latter is a self-assessment tool that allows investors to test their knowledge of crypto to determine if they are ready to invest. This tool could be useful to prevent novice investors from losing their money.

State crypto education initiatives are emerging more and more in Asian states.

India launches crypto awareness campaign

The creation of the crypto academy in Thailand comes a few days after a similar move in India. Indeed, the Indian government recently announced the launch of an awareness campaign on cryptocurrency and online gaming platforms. Through this campaign, the government aims to educate people about the legal status of crypto-currencies, the investment risks associated with these assets.

The Indian government is tolerant of cryptocurrencies in the country. This is not the case with the Indian central bank. This banking institution is continuously at war with crypto in India. According to the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), crypto has no basis in anything and will eventually disappear. Recently, the governor of this bank even made it known that crypto will cause the next financial crisis in India.

Bear market or not, the use of crypto is growing rapidly, including in e-Commerce. Rather than fighting this sector, we need to strengthen its understanding among the public. It is in this sense that the launch of the crypto academy in Thailand is an excellent decision. Other states should follow suit.