PSG Becomes a Chiliz Blockchain Validator

Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) has reached a historic milestone in the integration of blockchain into the world of sport. The Parisian club has become the first soccer club to take on the role of validator of a blockchain dedicated to sports fan tokens.

A pioneering club in crypto adoption

The Paris Saint-Germain has achieved a feat unprecedented in the sporting world. The French club becomes the very first to take on the role of Blockchain validator.

According to a report by Coindesk, the PSG will now secure network Chiliz Chain, which hosts numerous fan tokens, including its $PSG token launched in 2018.

The gains generated by the node’s operation will be reinvested by the club to buy $PSG tokens on a regular basis, supporting their valuation. With a capitalization of nearly $30 million, the PSG is already the market leader in sports fan tokens.

This involvement in the Chiliz is in line with the Parisian club’s ambitious crypto strategy, determined to remain at the forefront of blockchain innovation applied to sport.

Beyond the direct impact on its token, the PSG also, through its role as validator, reinforces the decentralization and resilience of the Chiliz blockchain as a whole. The aim is to consolidate the technological foundations required for the mass adoption of fan tokens in soccer.

Towards new uses for blockchain in sport!

Its vision goes beyond becoming a network validator, PSG also wants to become a key Web3 player in soccer. The club will soon be organizing a hackathon at Parc des Princes in partnership with Chiliz. The aim: to bring together developers and enthusiasts to imagine new use cases for blockchain applied to sport.

The Parisian club thus confirms its pioneering status, both in the field of new technologies and in that of soccer. By becoming the first validator club in history, the PSG further pushes the boundaries of blockchain and crypto adoption by sporting institutions.

This is probably the first step before other major sports organizations follow suit. Blockchain technology has a bright future in this field, as it already has in many other industries.