Blockchain finally on the Moon thanks to NASA

Blockchain technology is no longer content with revolutionizing finance, it is now setting out to conquer new territories. Proof of this unprecedented expansion is emerging with NASA, which, in partnership with start-up Lonestar, is planning a revolutionary initiative for 2024: the establishment of a data storage system on the Moon, made ultra-secure thanks to the blockchain.

Blockchain intrudes on the journey to the moon

Day after day, we discover the extraordinary potential of blockchain, which extends far beyond financial applications. This revolutionary technology is now embarking on space exploration.

Recently, the NASA, the world-renowned U.S. space agency, has formed a partnership with Lonestar, an innovative start-up based in Florida. Together, their ambition is to set up a blockchain-secured data storage system on the Moon.

By February 2024, the NASA, with the help of its allies, plans to send “data cubes” to the Moon. These devices are specially designed to withstand the extreme conditions of space, will contain information which, once back on Earth, will be authenticated using blockchain technology..

The mission Artemis of the NASA will begin its next phase in November 2024 with the launch of Artemis 2. Although this mission does not include a landing on the Moon, it remains essential to the preparation of Artemis 3. The latter will mark a historic moment: the return of humans to the lunar surface.

The Blockchain, a guarantor of space truth

Once confined to the realm of cryptocurrencies, blockchain is now revealing its potential as a valuable partner in the search for scientific truth. Thanks to its unalterable nature, this technology offers an infallible method of authenticating human presence on the Moon.

On the next mission, Artemis 3, scheduled for 2025, blockchain will play a key role. It will be used to confirm that astronauts have indeed walked on lunar soil.

This breakthrough could dispel theories that have surrounded moon landings, such as those suggesting that missions like Apollo 11 in 1969 were staged by NASA and the US government.