Swiss bank PostFinance facilitates savings and purchases of 11 Crypto

In response to growing customer demand, Swiss bank PostFinance has expanded its crypto services. Customers of this banking institution can now buy and save up to 11 cryptocurrencies. PostFinance hopes this decision will facilitate access to digital assets in a totally secure way.

PostFinance embraces crypto at the request of its customers

Banking institutions’ interest in cryptocurrencies continues to grow as the crypto market regains momentum. Just a few days after 4 American banks asked the SEC to revise legislation in order to facilitate their access to Bitcoin, it is now a Swiss bank that is expanding its offer of crypto services.

In a press release released this February 20, 2024, Swiss bank PostFinance has announced the launch of an investment service in 11 cryptocurrencies through its banking app. This decision by PostFinance is a response to the incessant demands of its customers, announced the banking institution.

Thanks to the expansion of PostFinance the bank’s 2.5 million customers will be able to buy any of the 11 supported cryptos. In addition, it will now be possible to save in crypto, with a starting threshold of just 50 US dollars.

Cryptocurrencies represent an additional investment opportunity and are here to stay… Our 2.5 million customers will now be able to invest easily and securely in cryptocurrencies with their main bank.

Philipp Merkt, Chief Investment Officer at PostFinance

The 11 cryptocurrencies supported by Swiss bank PostFinance have not been revealed. What is known is that PostFinance’s offer is the result of its partnership a few months ago with Sygnum a regulated crypto bank.

Advantageous crypto investment with PostFinance

Switzerland is a crypto-friendly country in which access to digital assets is easy. However, the investment offer from PostFinance offers a number of advantages.

Firstly, the crypto purchase service will be available 24/7 on the banking app. No need to worry about accessing the crypto, even on days when the bank is closed. In addition, PostFinance which is a regulated financial institution, offers security guarantees for crypto investments. Finally, the savings plan presented by PostFinance is attractive and suitable for everyone. The bank offers the possibility of an initial crypto investment of just 50 US dollars.

The crypto offer from Swiss bank PostFinance is not new to the ecosystem. Many crypto exchanges offer the opportunity to buy, sell and save digital assets instantly and securely. However, coming from a banking institution, this crypto offering remains an innovation. In a context where cryptocurrencies are still vilified by state regulators and banking institutions, PostFinance is undoubtedly a pioneer.