The Central Bank is a Scam which Bitcoin is the solution, for the Favourite for the Presidency of Argentina!

Argentina’s next president could be a pure bitcoiner following the example of Nayib Bukele in El Salvador. Indeed, candidate Javier Gerardo Milei recently compared the central bank to a scam that can be fixed and replaced by bitcoin. At the moment, all polls give Javier Gerardo Mieli as the favorite for the presidential election scheduled in Argentina in October 2023.

The Central Bank is a scam, fortunately, there is Bitcoin!

The presidential elections scheduled for October 2023 in Argentina are already catching the attention of Bitcoiners. Indeed, one of the candidates for this election recently praised Bitcoin while severely criticizing the central bank. Javier Gerardo Milei was responding to a question about the possibility of making Bitcoin a means of payment in Argentina.

In his speech, Javier Gerardo Milei stated that Bitcoin puts the control of money in the hands of the public sector, its original creator. In addition, the candidate Javier Gerardo Milei made it known that bitcoin has an algorithm that determines the amount of money supply that will be available. Thus, he referred to the supply of bitcoins that is limited to only 21 million. This helps to limit the loss of value and/or inflation, among other things.

As one might expect, candidate Javier Gerardo Milei directly attacks central banks. During his media appearance, he clearly stated that central banking is a big scam that allows politicians to swindle good citizens.

Javier Gerardo Milei questions in particular the unlimited money creation that the central bank practices. For him, this money printing is the cause of the inflation that eats away at the savings of citizens. Thus, Bitcoin is a credible alternative to the central bank’s swindle, he believes.

Javier Gerardo Milei’s position on Bitcoin is reminiscent of Nayib Bukele‘s enthusiasm for the asset. Indeed, the president of El Salvador has made Bitcoin the legal currency in his country in September 2021. Although criticized by some “financial experts”, Nayib Bukele has always defended his political choice and the virtues of Bitcoin. This has earned him a lot of sympathy from the Bitcoin community around the world.

Javier Mieli’s chances for the October 2023 presidential election in Argentina

Currently a federal deputy of Buenos Aires, Javier Gerardo Milei enjoys strong support from his fellow Argentines. The one that many experts compare to former U.S. President Donald Trump is currently the favorite for the Argentine presidential election of 2023.

According to a poll conducted by AmericanElects in October 2022, Javier Mieli could lead the October 2023 presidential election with 24%. Very recently, the DataWord election observatory poll released on January 4, 2023, shows a decline in voting intentions for Javier Mieli. Nevertheless, the pro-bitcoin candidate is still in the lead with 18% ahead of his direct pursuer who has 16%.

As the years go by, Bitcoin is becoming more and more of a major political issue. As in Nigeria, cryptocurrencies are more than ever at the center of electoral debates in Argentina. The trend is likely to continue. Interestingly, it is emerging from pro-crypto political actors in many emerging states. Like Nayib Bukele, they will always have the support of the community in the face of the current global system bashing.