Pro-Bitcoin Javier Milei Elected President Of Argentina

Political opponent Javier Milei has been elected president of Argentina with almost 56% of the vote in the second round of the presidential election. The current president is known as a fervent supporter of Bitcoin and a critic of central banks. However, he has never mentioned the cryptocurrency in his governing program.

Argentina has a new president

Argentina’s president for the next four years is now known. Political opponent Javier Milei was declared the winner of the second round of the presidential election held on November 19, 2023. Nearly 56%, Javier Milei beats the current Minister of the Economy. Sergio Massa admitted defeat in front of his supporters and called his challenger to congratulate him.

Javier Milei is the president elected by the majority of Argentinians for the next four years.

Sergio Massa

The Economist Javier Milei was not in a good position in the first round of the presidential elections held on October 22, 2023. In particular, he came second with 30%, while Sergio Massa who had obtained 36%. Between the two rounds of the presidential election, a major political event took place which handicapped the momentum of Sergio : former Minister of Security Patricia Bullrich called to vote for Javier.

Javier Milei is pro-Bitcoin, but he’s no Nayib Bukele

Argentina’s new president is known as a strong supporter of Bitcoin. In particular, he believes that BTC puts the control of money in the hands of its true owners. In a country like Argentina, where inflation is high, Argentina’s new president praises the nature of bitcoin. With a limited money supply of 21 million, Bitcoin can act as a bulwark against inflation, he believes. At the same time, he criticizes severely criticizes central banks, which he clearly describes as scams that allow politicians to swindle good citizens.

Should we expect another Nayib Bukele in Argentina? The question is worth asking considering the clearly Pro-Bitcoin stances of Javier Milei. However, it’s best for the crypto community to temper its expectations of the Argentine president. Indeed, Bitcoin is not mentioned anywhere in his governance program. Indeed, to deal with Argentina’s galloping inflation, Milei advocates, not the adoption of Bitcoin, but the dollarization of the country’s economy….

It is therefore unlikely that he will make Bitcoin a legal currency in the same way as El Salvador.

What we can hope for, however, is an end to crypto repression in the country. Certain measures should be cancelled, such as the prohibiting online payment service providers from offering crypto to their customers.