Pro-Bitcoin candidate qualifies for 2nd round in Argentina

Argentinians will have to wait a little longer to find out who will be the country’s next president. The second round of Argentina’s presidential election is scheduled for November 19, 2023. He came in 2nd place behind the government candidate with 36.3%, Sergio Masa, opponent Javier Milei will also be in the second round thanks to 30% of the vote!
Javier had made a name for himself with his scathing criticism of central banks and his praise for Bitcoin.

Javier Milei still in the running for the Argentine presidency !

To win the presidency in Argentina, a candidate must obtain either 45% or 40% of the vote, with a 10% lead over his direct pursuer. No candidate achieved this in the presidential election held in Argentina on October 22, 2023.

According to the official results candidate and current Minister of the Economy Sergio Massa came out on top with 36.3%. He was followed by Javier Milei who was credited with 30%, ahead of the former Minister of Security Patricia Bullrich with 23.8%.

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Results of the October 22, 2023 presidential election in Argentina

This result is not what many independent observers expected.
In fact, several polls showed Javier as the favorite in the presidential election. The opponent had even won the August 13, 2023 primaries with 30.5%, ahead of the main opposition bloc (28%) and the ruling coalition (27%).

This is why the ruling party’s current score comes as an unexpected surprise. Thus, Javier Milei must beat Sergio Massa in the second round of the presidential election scheduled for November 19, in the hope of becoming Argentina’s next president.

Bitcoin candidate bets on the dollar

To continue, we’re noticing around the world an emergence the theme of blockchain and its use cases as a political topic. Argentina’s presidential election is of interest to the crypto ecosystem because of the interest in Bitcoin shown by Javier Milei.

Indeed, the opponent has always been a fan of Bitcoin (BTC) and highly critical of central banks. In a country like Argentina, faced with high inflation, Javier esteem that Bitcoin is a credible alternative due to its limited supply. Javier Milei also takes aim at central banking, which he colloquially describes as a scam that allows politicians to take advantage of good citizens.

Although an admirer of Bitcoin, Javier does not mention cryptocurrency in his program. Instead, his economic project advocates replacing the national currency with the US dollar (USD) to deal with the high inflation hitting the Argentine peso. And you, reader, do you think being pro-Bitcoin is compatible with this choice of the dollar?

However, some analysts are concerned about certain points in Javier Milei’s program. For example, the candidate plans to abolish welfare benefits in a very poor country. He is clearly anti-abortion and climate-skeptic.
His challenger is not above reproach either. Minister of the Economy in the current government, which has seen annual inflation reach 138%, Sergio Massa is sometimes referred to as the Minister of Inflation.
In any case, it will be up to the Argentinian people to choose the next president of Argentina!