What is WAGMI in the crypto world? #CryptoDictionary

If you’re interested in cryptocurrencies or blockchain, you’ve probably heard of the popular acronym WAGMI. Although its origins are not directly related to the blockchain sector, it is commonly used in crypto and NFT projects. In fact, its popularity in the crypto community has led to the creation of an memecoin called GM WAGMI. In this article, we will explore the whole hidden story behind WAGMI, its different uses and meanings on the web. Ready for this new Crypto Dico?Ready for this new CryptoDictionary?

What is Wagmi, in short?

WAGMI “is the most motivating acronym in history! In English, it means ” We’re All Gonna Make It“. This term was first uttered in 2010 by Aziz Shavershian, aka Zyzz, the idol of a generation in the bodybuilding world. Tragically died in 2011 at 22 due to heart problems and drug abuse, Zyzz Had nothing to do with blockchain, crypto or NFTs…

WAGMI, definition and genesis of this Web2 phenomenon

Zyzz was for many the example of the insecure teenager who managed to forge a body and an online reputation under the pseudonym of Fit, by giving advice and sharing his daily life.

It’s crucial to note that at the time, social networks were still in their infancy. Zyzz was one of the first fitness influencers thanks to his motivational videos. It is in one of these videos that Zyzz will pronounce his famous WAGMI, which he will leave as a legacy, even after his death in 2011.

Since then, WAGMI has become a true pop culture phenomenon, thanks to the YouTuber named Jamie Tree who decided in 2012 to post a motivational compilation video of Zyzz to pay tribute to him.

Since 2017, WAGMI has taken on a new dimension by joining the crypto, NFT and blockchain community after a Zyzz fan realized that the acronym could inspire people not to give up in the face of the crypto winter, the bear market.

Wagmi in crypto, what is it?

The use of the acronym WAGMI became common in the community as early as 2020.

More than a meme, WAGMI is considered by many today to be a veritable credo, used to reinforce hope in times of bear market and uncertainty. Indeed, the term suggests that anyone can succeed in crypto trading if they work hard and believe in themselves.

Crypto community obliges, several categories of Wagmi project will then flood the crypto market.

We can find seven crypto investment projects that include the term Wagmi.

Some are NFT projects, some are metaverses, but only a few really make sense: GM Wagmi, Wagmi on Solana, Wagmi Games and Euphoria Wagmi.

However, GM Wagmi is the only project that seems to be popular and has several users on the market.

Note: The following is for your personal culture only, it is not a review of the project or an incentive to invest!

The GM WAGMI project

The term GM Wagmi is derived from the combination of two expressions, “Wagmi” and “GM “(Good Morning). The latter was frequently used by Raj Gokal, one of the co-founders of Solana Labs. He used it to greet crypto enthusiasts on Twitter.

In 2021, a year after the Wagmi acronym emerged in the crypto ecosystem, a memecoin called GM Wagmi was issued on the Ethereum blockchain. At the time of its launch, the GM Wagmi had a total offering of 1 trillion tokens, half of which had been burned on launch day, leaving 500 billion tokens in circulation.

Subsequently, Wagmi burned 3% of its total supply in addition to the 50% burned at launch.

Project data and where to buy it?

Like all other crypto-currencies including Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH), the price of GM Wagmi is subject to market volatility.

At the time of writing:

  • Award between $0.000008 and $0.000009
  • Volume over 24 hours : 1 213 881 $
  • Marketcap : 8 656 689 $.

There are several trading platforms for buying and selling GM Wagmi tokens:

  • Uniswap,
  • OKEx,
  • Bybit,
  • Gate.io,
  • Bitget,
  • ZT.

The GM Wagmi token can be spent, you can simply make a purchase with it, or bet on its price by trading on the market.

Currently, GM Wagmi Tokens are not yet available on the Binance exchange platform. However, before choosing an exchange platform, it is important to make sure that it is reliable, but also to have the necessary information to avoid falling into a scam.

The GM Wagmi token does not have its own blockchain and is deployed on Ethereum. The token can therefore be stored on wallets like MetaMask, MyEtherWallet, as long as they are compatible with Ethereum.

Wagmi and NFT, a love story

Wagmi is like a superhero in the NFT ecosystem ! He is there to inspire and encourage community members to persevere in an often very competitive environment. And it is so popular that everyone wants to use it to make a name for themselves in the NFT world. Some examples of this are Wagmi-San, the leader of 10 KTF, a fictional digital fashion company or Wagmi United and so many others.

You will have understood, Wagmi is used in the business to attract customers to products and Web3 and show everyone that we know perfectly the codes of Web3.


As we have seen, Zyzz created a real revolution with his acronym WAGMI, which crossed borders and industries. With blockchain still in its infancy at the time of his death, it’s certain that Zyzz didn’t think he would make his mark on this industry, by becoming the credo that encourages investors and traders to be patient in bear markets.

In short, whether you want to reach for that box of cookies at the top of the shelf, grow your crypto wallet, or create a killer NFT collection: We’re All Gonna Make It!