Cryptocurrency Adoption Skyrockets in 2023: How the UAE and France Lead the Way

We told you earlier, insurance broker HelloSafe France has published its study regarding the global adoption of cryptocurrencies in 2023. According to this document, the number of cryptocurrency holders keeps increasing. The United Arab Emirates dominates the global ranking of digital currency adoption, including more than 27% of its population owning digital assets. As for Europe, it is France that stands out, occupying the top spot in terms of the number of cryptocurrency holders.

Crypto adoption is growing around the world

For several years now, digital currencies have taken center stage in financial discussions across the globe. While some governments, banks and citizens are voicing criticism of cryptocurrencies, the number of digital asset holders continues to grow year after year.

According to a study by insurance broker HelloSafe, this upward trend in cryptocurrency adoption continued into 2023. In fact, 420 million people worldwide own cryptocurrencies according to this report, which represents 5.2% of the world’s population.

The distribution of the 420 million cryptocurrency holders varies by continent. 260 million of them reside in Asia, while the rest live in North America (54 million), Africa (38 million), Latin America (33 million), Europe (31 million) and Oceania (1.5 million).

The rate of cryptocurrency adoption by country in relation to the total population also remains highly disparate. By 2023, the country with the highest adoption rate in the world is the United Arab Emirates (UAE), with 27.7 percent of the population owning cryptocurrencies. This state is followed by Vietnam (26%), the United States (13.2%), the Philippines (13%) and India (11%).

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Percentage of the population by country holding the most cryptocurrencies in 2023

The fact that the United Arab Emirates is leading the way in cryptocurrency adoption is no surprise. The country has taken several steps to boost the crypto industry:

Thanks to these and several other measures, some major players in the crypto industry are expanding their operations to the UAE.

France is doing better in Europe

The report from HelloSafe reports that 31 million European residents own cryptocurrencies, representing 4.1% of the continent’s population. Nevertheless, the adoption of digital currencies varies considerably by country.

France is the country with the largest number of cryptocurrency holders, with nearly 4 million residents owning digital assets according to HelloSafe. This is equivalent to 5.9% of the national population. In comparison, in 2021, the proportion of cryptocurrency holders in France was 3.3% of the French population. In less than two years, the number of cryptocurrency holders in France has thus increased by 1.76 million.

Regarding the ranking of cryptocurrency holders in the European Union, France is followed by Germany (4.2%), Spain (3%), Poland (2.8%). It is particularly interesting to note that France holds the top spot despite a higher tax burden compared to other European countries.

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Population holding cryptocurrencies in European Union countries in 2023

As this report from insurance broker HelloSafe reveals, the number of crypto investors in the world is growing year after year. From Many private and public institutional players have also understood the advantages of crypto. This is notably the case of Microstrategy or the Salvador who are accumulating Bitcoin to the hilt. Through their crypto investments, these two entities have managed to pay off all their debts before maturity.