Worldcoin enters e-Sports and puts cheaters offside

While controversial on the issue of privacy protection, the Worldcoin project could find an unexpected use in the world of video games thanks to its partnership with Community Gaming. This e-Sports tournament platform has announced the integration of World ID identity verification technology to combat fraud.

World ID from Worldcoin, the anti-cheat weapon used by Community Gaming in e-Sports

Launched in 2021 by Sam AltmanWorldcoin is under fire in Europe and in other countries for potential invasion of privacy. Its iris-scanning system has yet to convince anyone of the merits of its technology.

Yet this decentralized identity verification system could help e-Sports platforms solve the recurring problem of fake accounts. This is what Community Gaming. Indeed, it has signed a partnership agreement with Tools for Humanity, contributing entity to the project Worldcoin with the aim of integrating World ID identity verification technology into its digital infrastructure.

Specifically, participants will be required to link their account to a login Worldcoin before registering for certain tournaments. This optional verification via smartphone is designed to guarantee fair play. Certified players will display a badge on their profile to reinforce trust.

First steps in Latin America

The Latin American market will be the starting point for the roll-out of World ID. Coming soon, test tournaments will be held in Brazil, Argentina and Peru on flagship titles such as PUBG and Marvel Snap.

If the experiment is conclusive, Community Gaming hopes to expand the use of World ID. Nor does the start-up rule out organizing physical events to promote the technology.

Other e-sports platforms could follow suit. And they may not be the only ones, given that the video game sector as a whole is confronted with the problems of multi-accounts and online cheating.

It remains to be seen whether gamers, often wary of personal data, will embrace this system. But it will reinforce the fairness of the game, World ID might appeal to a certain segment of the public.

Above all, this partnership comes at just the right time for Worldcoin, whose technology is struggling to find concrete applications. E-sports could well be the ideal arena for finally proving the usefulness of decentralized identity verification.