Worldcoin scrutinized by Hong Kong for Biometric Data

The Worldcoin project is back in turmoil. Hong Kong has opened an investigation into the cryptocurrency, suspected of illegally collecting sensitive biometric data from users. The investigation follows growing concerns about possible breaches of privacy regulations.

Data collection methods on the authorities’ radar

While Worldcoin, the crypto project developed by Tools for Humanity is facing scrutiny in several countries, Hong Kong being the latest to open an official investigation into possible violations of privacy laws.

Indeed, the Office of the Privacy Commissioner (PCPD) conducts investigations on six local Worldcoin facilities. These scan users’ irises in exchange for crypto tokens, a practice deemed intrusive and raising serious concerns.

The investigation seeks to determine whether Worldcoin’s biometric data collection and processing methods comply with Hong Kong’s data privacy laws.

Faced with these abuses, the commissioner Ada Chung Lai-ling called on the public to be vigilant and warned them against participating in activities involving the abusive collection of sensitive personal information such as iris scans.

Worldcoin, a crypto project under high surveillance in several countries!

This investigation takes place against a backdrop of increasing regulatory pressure on Worldcoin which has already has already been tested in several countries, including the UK, Germany and France.

In October 2023, the project even had to shut down in Kenya after a government suspension for invasion of privacy. At the time, a Kenyan parliamentary panel had criticized the lack of age verification and incitement to consent in return for payment.

Regulatory setbacks cloud cryptocurrency’s prospects Worldcoin, WLD. Following the announcement of the Hong Kong investigation, its share price collapsed by almost 10% in 24 hours. A negative signal reflecting growing doubts about the long-term viability of this project.

The investigation launched by the Hong Kong authorities represents a serious warning for Worldcoin. If violations of data protection laws are proven, it could pave the way for legal proceedings and regulatory sanctions.