South Korean celebrities shaken by the Winnerz token

Several South Korean celebrities have been accused of promoting a crypto scam launched by sports platform Winnerz. Some of them have denied any connection with Winnerz’s fraudulent schemes. Others have announced the end of their relationship with the sports platform. The Winnerz platform claims not to be behind any crypto scams.

Winnerz launches crypto scam using celebrities?

Promoting a crypto project can earn celebrities money. It can also get you into trouble. Footballer Cristiano Ronaldo knows all about it. In South Korea, several popular celebrities and YouTubers have been accused of cryptocurrency fraud.

According to The Korea Herald the denounced crypto scam was issued by Winnerz a sports platform based in South Korea that manages several activities. Some of the country’s celebrities and popular youtubers promoted Winnerz crypto coin. In addition Winnerz have increased their public appearances with certain celebrities, reinforcing the credibility of the platform’s crypto.

This marketing strategy eventually paid off. Several investors bought the cryptocurrency from Winnerz. After a while, they were unable to withdraw their funds. Victims of Winnerz first brought the case before the national civil service. The case was finally referred to the South Korean police on February 5. The amount lost in the crypto scam has not been revealed.

Implicated celebrities disassociate themselves from Winnerz in South Korea

The Winnerz crypto scam has had a major impact in South Korea. Some celebrities accused of collaborating with Winnerz have been forced to react. In a message posted on his YouTube channel, the Korean comedian Na Sun-uk denied any affiliation with Winnerz. Na Sun-uk also clarified that he has no crypto investments. The actor claims that his relationship with Winnerz is personal and not professional.

I attended the gatherings shown in the photos once for a birthday party and once for an end-of-year party, because of the personal ties I have with the participating designers..

Na Sun-uk

The same is true for the popular YouTube channel Shortbox with over 2.85 million subscribers. Kim Won-hoon and Cho Jin-se have clarified that there have been no deals, discussions or financial transactions with actors linked to the Winnerz affair.

For his part, YouTubeur OkingTV with 2 million subscribers, has admitted to investing in Winnerz. He announced the imminent withdrawal of his investment in Winnerz and any collaboration with the platform.

I have invested in Winnerz. I have now announced my intention to withdraw this investment. I have discontinued all projects with Winnerz and do not intend to collaborate with Winnerz in the future.


Winnerz maintains its innocence and the token continues to be listed

The scale of the controversy surrounding the crypto scam of Winnerz has prompted the platform to react. In a press release read by our Korea Herald colleagues Winnerz refutes accusations of running a crypto scam. Winnerz claims to have been transparent about its activities.

Winnerz also denies blocking fund withdrawals for investors in its token. In particular, the platform points out that its Winnerz token is listed among the major crypto exchanges. Those who want to get rid of it therefore have the opportunity to do so. According to Coinmarket, the Winnerz (WNZ) token is still listed on the MEXC crypto exchange and can be exchanged for USDT.

Winnerz has been transparent about its activities and goals so far […] In addition, the Winnerz coin is listed on foreign exchanges.


For the moment, the case is in the hands of the police. We sincerely hope that they will be able to shed full light on the case and enable investors to recover their funds. Also, never forget to DYOR! (Do Your Own Research)