Universal Tech Expo 2024, world tech invited to the Philippines

Technology continues to evolve at a breathtaking pace. To stay on the cutting edge and understand the latest innovations, don’t miss the Universal Tech Expo 2024! This exceptional event, organized by Knowlex, promises to set innovation ablaze in the heart of Southeast Asia. It will be held on June 8 and 9, 2024 at the Fili Hotel in Cebu, Philippines.

Note: Coinpri is a media partner of this event.

A hub at the heart of Pacific Asian innovation

A booming technology hub in the heart of Southeast Asia, the Philippines were chosen to host the first edition of Universal Tech Expo. The archipelago offers a dynamic and innovative environment, ideal for this type of international event dedicated to new technologies.

For two days, Universal Tech Expo will bring together all the major players in the global tech industry. Objective: share the latest innovations and encourage collaboration around key themes such as blockchain decentralized finance (DeFi), forex, fintechs, gaming, e-sports and cybersecurity.

What’s on the agenda? Conferences and round tables led by renowned speakers, but also practical workshops and networking sessions to turn ideas into concrete projects. Car Universal Tech Expo is much more than a trade show: it’s above all a formidable catalyst for open innovation in the digital age!

The choice of the Philippines as host country is no accident. A dynamic archipelago in the heart of Southeast Asia, the country is experiencing dazzling technological growth. Nicknamed the “Asian Tiger”, the Philippines is emerging as the new promised land for startups and investors. Hosting an event dedicated to technological innovation was therefore an obvious choice.

Knowlex, specialist in business and technology events

Behind the organization of Universal Tech Expo is hiding Knowlex. This UK-based event agency is rising to prominence on the international scene. It is best known for its events dedicated to crypto (Crypto Expo), to finance (Forex Expo) or the healthcare sector (Healthcare Expo).

By launching Universal Tech Expo, Knowlex aims to bring together professionals from all sectors of the tech industry in one place. The aim is clear: to encourage exchanges and the emergence of new ideas by bringing together decision-makers, investors, entrepreneurs, developers, researchers… in a unique setting.

Dwain EliasKnowlex event manager shared his satisfaction: “We are extremely excited to be hosting the Universal Tech Expo in Cebu and providing a hub for the technology community to meet. This expo goes far beyond a simple event; it will act as a catalyst, stimulating innovation and collaboration within the technology industry.”

The Universal Tech Expo is also a golden opportunity for sponsors and partners. Exceptional visibility with an international audience, showcasing of technological innovations, meetings with hand-picked professionals… these are just some of the advantages for boosting networking and business development.

Ready to ride the wave of innovation? More information and registration about Universal Tech Expo 2024 on www.universal-tech-expo.com. Places are limited, so book yours fast!