Binance Founder Unwittingly Involved In Scam

Yi He, co-founder of renowned crypto exchange platform Binance, recently revealed that she had been the victim of identity theft on LinkedIn. A malicious individual posed as her, fraudulently offering to list tokens in exchange for payments.

Scammers impersonate Binance co-founder to scam crypto investors

This Monday, January 29, Yi Heco-founder of Binance with Changpeng Zhao, a alerted that his identity on LinkedIn had been used by a fraudster. He pretended to be her, fraudulently promising the listing of tokens in exchange for payments, taking advantage of the trust placed in her status as co-founder.

The fraudsters cashed the funds before disappearing without providing the promised service. This highlights the vulnerability of those desperate to get rich quick with crypto.

Alongside this fraud, evidence has surfaced of scammers posing as Binance customer support staff on WhatsApp.

Binance categorically denied any association with these scams, while recalling that he did not own a group on WhatsApp.

These incidents are a reminder of the need for extreme vigilance against suspicious but attractive investment opportunities in the cryptocurrency sector. A few months ago, the identity of American rapper Nelly was also used in a scam. The increasing professionalism of these frauds highlights the importance of due diligence and verifying its sources.