Coinbase launches Crypto435 to boost pro-crypto policies in the US

Cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase has launched a campaign to advance pro-crypto policies in all 435 congressional districts of the United States. Named Crypto435, the campaign will allow American citizens to obtain and influence information about the crypto policies of American politicians. This campaign follows a Coinbase poll that revealed that Americans are overwhelmingly unfavorable to the current financial system.

Crypto435 to boost pro-crypto policies in the USA

The future of the crypto sector largely depends on the regulation of the industry by different states. In many countries, regulators and legislators promote policies that undermine crypto innovation. This is particularly the case in the United States where the SEC is leading a fight against the staking and certain stablecoins.

In the face of numerous regressive regulatory measures, the cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase is launching the offensive to push for thoughtful policy and smart regulation of the crypto sector. To this end, Coinbase threw a campaign to make the voice of crypto proponents heard by regulators and legislators. Named Crypto435, the campaign is expected to span all of 435 US congressional districts.

The Crypto435 campaign will allow U.S. citizens to learn where politicians in all 435 districts stand on crypto. Crypto435 will also establish a direct communication channel between citizens and politicians. This way, they will be able to easily share their opinions and considerations on crypto politics and regulation with politicians.

Crypto supporters who want to participate in the Crypto435 campaign can already register. They will just have to provide their name, an address, a phone number and an email address to receive more information.

Crypto435 to organize and mobilize a predominantly anti-system American community

In order to influence crypto policy and regulation in the U.S., the Crypto435 campaign needs to gain significant popular support. Coinbase is well aware of this and commissioned a crypto survey from Morning Consult before launching the Crypto435 campaign.

The results of Coinbase’s survey suggest that the vast majority of Americans are unfavorable to the current financial system. Indeed, 80% of Americans believe that the current financial system is unfair and only favors the powerful. In addition, 67% of Americans want the financial system to be updated.

In this predominantly anti-system American community, cryptocurrencies are emerging as an alternative. In fact, 20% of Americans own cryptocurrencies according to the Coinbase study. That’s over 50 million people in the United States. With the prospect of a bull market in 2023, the proportion of crypto holders could increase.

Morning Consult study
Morning Consult study

Another study on crypto in the US last November is even more optimistic and explicit. Conducted by Grayscale Investments, this survey reveals that 53% of Americans believe that “cryptocurrencies are the future of finance.” This faith in crypto goes beyond political affiliation. Both Democrats (59%) and Republicans (52%) overwhelmingly believe that crypto is the future of finance.

The survey commissioned by Coinbase reveals that in the eyes of Americans, cryptocurrencies are emerging as an alternative to the unfair financial system. The Crypto435 campaign aims to turn this popular will into thoughtful crypto industry policy. In the face of overwhelmingly pro-crypto public opinion and in an American society where access to power is by election, there is no doubt that Crypto435 will move U.S. regulation of the crypto sector in the right direction.