Polygon to conquer Europe with Poloniex

The Polygon blockchain is definitely not stingy in news! After announcing that nearly 20,000 Dapps were using its blockchain, announcing the arrival of Apecoin on its network, Polygon announces a partnership with Poloniex!

Polygon and Poloniex hand in hand!

For those who do not know, Poloniex is an exchange launched in 2014, so we are talking about an exchange that has lasted over time! Thanks to its success, the exchange is bought in 2019 by Justin Sun, the founder of the blockchain Tron, who also owns BitTorrent.

This collaboration represents an opportunity for Poloniex and Polygon to synergize our expertise. With Polygon, we will support the growth of Web3 to make quality applications available to the greatest number of people.

Shaun Scovil, CEO of Poloniex.

While Poloniex is not the largest exchange on the market with a daily volume of $44 million, it supports over 350 cryptocurrencies and offers several fiat currencies. Moreover, it is an exchange of choice for anyone who wants to target Eastern Europe.

Geographical distribution of Poloniex users
Geographical distribution of Poloniex users

With cryptocurrencies being increasingly highlighted in Ukraine and Russia due to the war between them, targeting this part of the world could be an excellent move to set up shop in Europe. Indeed, although rather shy on the continent, Polygon has multiple announcements.

Between the 20,000 Dapps mark and a zero carbon target almost reached, the launch of a $100 million fund and innitatives like Polygon Village, the famous Indian blockchain seems determined to make 2022 the year of the mass Market. A mass Market of which Polygon KYC and Polygon Supernets will be the cornerstones. Don’t worry, Coinpri will be there to make it easy for you at Coinpriendre, so don’t hesitate to subscribe to our various networks in the meantime!