Polygon Village, MATIC takes on the heart of developers

The Polygon blockchain and its token matic, currently at 20th place on Coingecko continue to grow. To accelerate the said development, the famous Indian blockchain launches its Polygon Village initiative!

Polygon village, the dream city of smart contract developers

First of all let’s clear up any misunderstandings: no Polygon is not about to launch its own smart cities led by Sandeep Nailwal, the historical co-founder of the blockchain.

But then what is Polygon Village? Why launch such an initiative 5 years after the historical beginnings of blockchain?

Polygon Village is an initiative to attract new developers to the blockchain. A blockchain that now has more than 11,000 DApps (decentralized applications) on its network! The ultimate goal: to become a real DAO. Unfortunately, in order to seduce users and developers, it is necessary to give them a reason to prefer it to a rival. This is where the Polygon Village initiative comes in!

The initiative is divided into 5 axes which are :

  1. Welcome Voucher: take advantage of free services from blockchain partners (Akash Network, Tatum, Certik, …);
  2. Grants: get funding for your project DeFi, NFT, others;
  3. Accelerator & Recognition: a selection of the most promising DApps. Each week, they will be able to pitch in front of the community in order to get prizes, grants and users;3
  4. Job Board: connect projects and talents to create the DApps of tomorrow;
  5. Bounty: find the flaws of the DApps to ensure maximum security and provide ways to improve.

Anyone can participate in the program, so don’t hesitate to apply to carry out your project. To learn more about Polygon, please visit their Telegram.

Between investment funds and initiatives to attract new users and developers, the war between blockchains is going to be intense in this year 2022.