Google Cloud becomes Polygon network validator

The world of blockchain is evolving at a breakneck pace, attracting the continued attention of technology giants. Recently, Google Cloud took a major step forward by joining the Polygon network as a validator.

Google Cloud joins forces with Polygon to secure the Network

September ended on an unexpected note that had a profound effect on the world of blockchain. Indeed, Polygon Labs officially unveiled a partnership that saw the entry of Google Cloud, the world-renowned technology giant, into the ranks of Polygon’s validators.

This revolutionary partnership between Polygon Labs and Google Cloud is of particular importance. Google Cloud, whose infrastructure powers digital giants such as YouTube and Gmail, now brings its arsenal of resources to reinforce the Polygon blockchain, known for its speed and affordability.

Google Cloud becomes a leading player among more than 100 other validators which work hard to verify the transactions on Polygon.

Validators play a critical role in overall network security. They run nodes by staking MATIC (Polygon’s native token), and participate in consensus mechanisms based on proof of participation.

In addition to their role in validating transactions, these validators constantly monitor the blockchain, identifying any anomalies to ensure network security.

This is not Google Cloud’s first initiative in blockchain. In February, the company had already established itself as a validator for the Tezos network. Based on this experience, it is legitimate to expect flawless performance from Google Cloud in its role as validator at the heart of the Polygon network.