Google Cloud is now a Tezos validator!

Google Cloud recently announced a strategic partnership with Tezos (XTZ) as a validator (or baker). It joins other leading companies in the blockchain ecosystem. This choice reflects Google Cloud’s desire to strengthen its position in the technology race and its contribution to building a decentralized network. This decision is in line with the trend observed among the technology giants, the GAFAMs, who are looking to get involved in the implementation of Web3. Microsoft also joined this dynamic a few days ago.

Google Cloud partners with Tezos to drive innovation in blockchain

February 22, Google Cloud has announced a partnership with the blockchain Tezos, using a proof-of-stake (PoS) consensus mechanism to validate transactions. This partnership offers several advantages:

  • Google Cloud becomes a validator of the Tezos blockchain which enables the confirmation and validation of transactions on the network. In addition, its corporate customers can deploy RPC nodes for the applications Web3 on Tezos;
  • Partnership accelerates application development on Tezos and allows startups to benefit from credits Google Cloud. They will be able to benefit from the support offered by Google for Startups Cloud.
  • By joining forces with Tezos, Google Cloud is strengthening its position in the blockchain and Web3 technology space.

This partnership is an important step for Google Cloud which seeks to catch up with Amazon Web Services in the blockchain space. This tech giant has also partnered with several blockchains, including the NBB Chain last September and Aptos.

At Google Cloud, we provide a secure and reliable infrastructure for Web3 founders and developers to innovate and scale their applications.

Google Cloud

GAFAMs turn to blockchain, a strong signal for the future of technology

The partnership between Google Cloud and Tezos is significant for the ecosystem Web3showing the recognition of decentralized technology. Google Cloud customers can now create decentralized applications (dApps) about Tezos through a scalable and resilient infrastructure. This collaboration would drive innovation in blockchain and encourage its global adoption.

On his side, Ankr has announced a partnership with Microsoft to offer businesses access to information stored in blockchains via a node hosting service. This collaboration combines the expertise of Microsoft in the field of Cloud Computing with services related to blockchain infrastructures ofAnkr, offering customizable and reliable solutions across 12 blockchains. It also reflects the growing integration of the decentralized Web with Web3 related systems.

The growing adoption of decentralized technologies by computer giants such as Google Cloud and Microsoft is a key indicator of the growing importance of Web3. These partnerships could pave the way for broader adoption of blockchain technology and increased innovation in the field.