The First 100 FIFA NFT successfully sold out!

The launch of the first FIFA NFT collection in partnership with technology company Modex promises a new wave of adoption. These non-fungible tokens will offer soccer fans the chance to obtain digital collectibles as well as tickets to the 2026 World Cup Final.

Launch of FIFA collector’s NFTs to own a piece of football history

The FIFA unveiled his first collaboration with Modex marking a significant operation in the world of digital collectibles.

This collection, christened ”FIFA+ Collect “ will initially consist of a 100 NFT limited edition collection. The sale was successfully completed on Friday December 15, 2023. Each NFT was available at a price of 999 USD on the Collect FIFA platform. Some of these very rare NFTs will even offer their holders – the lucky ones – the opportunity to win tickets for the 2026 World Cup Final!

To sum up, the benefits mentioned on the official Collect FIFA website include free airdrops for the 2026 World Cup and the 2025 FIFA Club World Cup:

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Next, other digital tokens immortalizing the highlights of the tournament will be issued regularly on this market dedicated to collectors. The objective for the FIFA is offer fans a new way to interact with their favorite sport through the possession of unique pieces of world soccer history.

The FIFA Club World Cup promises to be an exciting 10 days, and with the release of collectibles providing real FIFA match items and final access to FIFA World Cup 26, fans will have even more incentive to take part.

Statement by Francesco Abbate, CEO of Modex.

To continue, a second sale of 900 NFT will take place on December 19th on a different blockchain.

The move to Polygon and the future expansion of FIFA NFTs

Unlike its previous forays into blockchain-based NFTs Algorand, FIFA has this time chosen the Polygon network to issue the 900 new NFTs. This blockchain is attracting a huge number of projects thanks to its solid reputation from both a technical point of view and its strong adoption. Long-term viability is essential to guarantee the authenticity and security of digital objects.

Thus, 900 different NFTs will be deployed on Polygon on December 19 before being offered for sale on the NFT platform OpenSea. In addition to NFT around the Men’s World Cup collections on highlights of the Women’s World Cup will also be launched.

According to FIFA, since the launch of NFT FIFA the response from fans around the world has been enormous. More and more of them want to own a unique piece of soccer history.

In view of this growing interest, new collections will be launched in the years to come. Above all, even if resale of tokens is not currently authorized, a secondary market will soon open its doors. An exciting prospect for fans and early investors.


With the launch of these FIFA NFTs, the Fédération Internationale de Football Association continues to ride the wave of blockchain technology to reinvent itself. The forthcoming arrival of a secondary market should further enhance its success with the most technophile soccer enthusiasts.

The major brands continued to develop such initiatives in 2023 despite the bear market. 2024 promises to confirm a trend that is already well underway, both in terms of use cases and the number of projects that integrate blockchain components into their products or technical architecture.