Christie’s dresses in Web3 with its marketplace on Ethereum

La célèbre maison de vente aux enchères haut de gamme, Christie’s a lancé sa marketplace 3.0 sur la Blockchain Ethereum. Cela permettrait à celle-ci de mieux se positionner dans le Web3. 

Good partnerships for Christie’s

The least we can say is that Christie’s knows how to surround itself.

The auction house is indeed partnering with data analysis giant Chainalysis, NFT platform and a metaverse specialist. Three giants that will not fail to give visibility to Christie’s.

The launch of Christie’s 3.0 signifies an institutional expansion of the regulated market for digital assets and validates NFTs as an art form and offers incredible benefits to digital artists.

Eric Diep, co-founder of Manifold

Likewise, the inaugural sale highlights Diana Sinclair, an 18-year-old internationally renowned artist. A collection of 9 NFTs (dubbed “Phases”) is for sale. The artworks will be displayed in the virtual gallery.

Each item is for sale now in an auction that ends October 11 and can be viewed via the gallery.

Diana Sinclair
Diana Sinclair

Christie’s, a cautious step into the Web3

To protect itself from possible failures, the auction house has insisted heavily on the fact that it complies with the regulations in force with an anti-money laundering system, as well as taxation tools.

By incorporating regulatory tools, such as anti-money laundering and sales tax, we have built an inclusive solution where old and new NFT collectors can feel secure in their transactions with Christie’s 3.0.

Nicole Sales Giles – Director of Digital Art Sales

Anyone wishing to bid on Christie’s 3.0 will first need to connect a crypto wallet via a browser extension like Metamask or Coinbase. Once the wallet is linked, you can then create an account and verify your identity. All existing Christie’s customers will bid without verification.

By the way, Christie’s is not new to the NFT world: it has already auctioned NFTs such as Beeple’s Everydays: The First 5,000 Days which sold for $69.3 million in March 2021. So she wants to make sure she turns that around.

You can already visit it!

The best part is that you can now visit the exhibition in a 3D environment! For what it’s worth, I walked around in it, but there are currently only 4 artworks dueling in the middle of a large room.

In Christie's metaverse exhibition
In Christie’s metaverse exhibition

Still, this is a first step in Christies’ entry into the Web3 and the metaverse. To see this it’s here. 👀

Christie’s entry into the 3.0 universe has been globally welcomed by the community. This example shows us just how much Blockchain adoption will happen not because of crypto, but because of NFTs.