Artrade, the innovative bridge between traditional art and Web3

Artrade inaugurates a revolutionary era in which the tangible essence of art merges with the digital world of pixels, establishing an unprecedented bridge between physical creation and digital assets. The platform offers artists the power to transform their works into true “Real World Assets”, marking a spectacular union of traditional art and the innovative NFT space. Ready to find out more? Let’s get started!

Artrade, the innovative bridge between traditional art and Web3

In the teeming landscape of NFTs (non-fungible tokens), one platform stands out by offering a bridge between the tangible world of art and the digital universe of cryptos: Artrade. This marketplace enables artists to convert their physical works into “Real World Assets” on the Solana blockchain.

This innovation offers artists the chance to make their works more visible and liquid on the burgeoning online art market, estimated at over $11 billion.

The principle is as follows: each physical piece is associated with a digital twin in the form of an unforgeable NFT registered on the blockchain. This inseparable duo preserves the artistic integrity of the work, while giving it the advantages of Web3 technology: total transparency, decentralized security and royalties paid on the secondary market.

Simply put, Artrade implements a technical standard enabling real-world objects to be tokenized without altering their materiality or patrimonial value. Art retains its tangible dimension, to which are added the benefits of a digital presence: increased visibility, new commercial outlets, and even programmable liquidity on decentralized markets.

Thanks to its authenticity-guaranteeing blockchain, Artrade fills a gap in the art market, which is often opaque and prone to fraud. The platform brings an unprecedented level of trust to art transactions, ensuring that each creator has full ownership and control of his or her tokenized works.

The REAL protocol, the key to tamper-proof security

Artrade’s approach is designed to be fairer to artists. Unlike traditional marketplaces, which charge up to 50% commission, Artrade only charges 5% on sales. This ultra-competitive ratio means that creators are better rewarded for their work.

Artrade‘s real innovation, however, lies in its REAL (Reliable Electronic Artwork Ledger) protocol. This guarantees transaction security by relying on smart contracts deployed on the Solana blockchain. 

With the REAL protocol in place, it becomes impossible to manipulate exchanges: the transaction space between buyers and sellers is entirely secure and tamper-proof.

REAL also solves the problem of certifying physical objects on the blockchain. Each work is uniquely associated with an NFT via an NFC chip, a technology enabling short-distance data exchange. This chip establishes an unforgeable digital twin that certifies the authenticity of the physical work.

With this technical and community-based solution, Artrade is paving the way for a more accessible, liquid and transparent art market where blockchain technology amplifies the value of physical creations.

A fairer business model thanks to the ATR token

The Artrade project is fully in line with the blockchain ecosystem and the Web3 spirit. Its initial funding of 6 million euros via an ICO fundraise has enabled the launch of its native crypto, the ATR.

Holders of this token enjoy exclusive benefits, such as discounts on the platform and a staking program offering up to 25% annual return.

What’s more, 51% of the offer is held by the Artrade DAO, which acquires works by emerging artists for redistribution to token holders.

The ATR token also fuels a virtuous economic model while empowering the community, which can participate in the platform’s governance via the DAO.

The DAO actively promotes new-generation artists and raises public awareness of the benefits of NFT in art.

By connecting human creativity and Web3 technology, Artrade offers an innovative vision of the art market, where convergence with blockchain promises greater accessibility, liquidity and transparency in exchanges.

Towards the convergence of the physical market and the crypto world

More than just a marketplace, Artrade is positioned as a social network dedicated to art enthusiasts. The platform encourages exchanges between artists, collectors and enthusiasts, thanks to private messaging and public profile functionalities.

Users can discover new talent, chat directly with creators or seek the expertise of recognized professionals. 

The platform also paves the way for unprecedented collaborations, where curators and gallery owners can partner with artists to promote and distribute their tokenized works.

Although still in its infancy, Artrade is already generating a real buzz in the contemporary art sector. Renowned personalities such as sculptor Léo Caillard and photographer Lionel Deluy have already joined the platform, attracted by its innovative concept. 

Even urban artist John Hamon, known for his wild collages, has let himself be tempted by the tokenization of physical works. Growing adoption confirms Artrade‘s strong potential.

Artrade is redefining the future of art by skilfully fusing the tangible and the digital, promising an era where works of art effortlessly cross the boundaries between tradition and blockchain technology. By leveraging the REAL protocol and NFC chips, the platform ensures that every physical work becomes a fluid and secure digital asset, marking the start of a revolution in the converging worlds of art and the Web3. With Artrade, art meets innovation, opening up new perspectives for creators and collectors in a globalized, transparent market.