Bitcoin – ATH before halving? Road To 70 000$

So, ATH or no ATH before halving? Indeed, the price is supported by the influx of money coming in from institutional players who keep buying via ETFs. The question is, until when! BTC, Road To 70 000$?

Warning This article does not constitute investment advice or an invitation to invest. It is for information purposes only. You are solely responsible for your trading and investment decisions.

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The road continues

Bitcoin is going from strength to strength, bringing with it the entire cryptocurrency ecosystem, including ETH, which continues to soar towards its $3,500 target, which now seems very close!

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Bitcoin on the left (BTC:USDT), Ether on the right (ETH:USDT). Towards new heights!

Bitcoin breaking out of its short-term reload zone suggests that we should see ATH once the $60,000 psychological barrier has been breached. On the ETH side, a little more resistance is still in sight, but the $3,500 liquidity target is very close and should be pierced if the climb continues.

Are we really going to stop?

That’s the question of the moment, even if – and I’ll skip the graphs that you can find in my article from last week the whole orderflow shows FOMO (fear of missing out) It would seem that denial is still the order of the day, but hope will soon take its place in this situation. What to do now?

Watch your Twitter timelines and the like to gauge how people are feeling, because it’s in the euphoria that a local top should form. We’ve never had a surge as strong as this one following a bearmarket. Perhaps the cause of ETFs?

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ETFs make the market

Billions of dollars have been sent to the markets since ETFs were first introduced. And despite what some European central banks may think, the movement is underway and will continue to be strong, because it is the Americans who are making the international market!

We’re talking about several million dollars’ worth of Bitcoin being bought on the market every day thanks to ETFs, and to get any sales, we’ll need a monstrous number of newcomers. So are we going to make a straight line at $1 million? Calm down DENIS! Or Marcel, as you prefer. In any case, the objectives don’t change unless we do a super-cycle.

In any case, what’s certain is that if an ETH ETF is approved, coupled with a halving of bitcoin, then the amount of liquidity that will flow into the altcoin market this time is likely to be exceptional. When you see the impact of ETFs on the biggest market cap of the market, imagine what will happen on a market cap 3 times smaller.


A market which is becoming very bullish, with good news everywhere, and which is putting a smile on everyone’s face. However, it’s important to be cautious, because otherwise this would be a euphoric article, so always be wary and don’t get into FOMO. If you weren’t planning to buy, then don’t. There’s no need to add cash everywhere just to keep up with the movement, as that would risk signing the market top more than anything else!

In any case, take care, and we’ll see you next week for a new article, and who knows, above $60,000? Stay safe and choose your assets, don’t change your plans, because nothing’s changed since you made them! Have a great week!