1k, 10k and 100k, NFT clubs of tomorrow?

Do you know the NFT Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) collection? Probably because it’s being promoted on Twitter and social networks by various stars. Do you own a BAYC? If the answer is yes, Coinpri congratulates you for being part of the largest NFT community in the world, for those who answered no, have you heard of the 1k, 10k and 100k clubs? No ?! Then go for it!

“If you don’t have a CryptoPunk or a BAYC by the time you’re 50, you’ve missed out on life.”

If we had to choose THE branch of cryptos and blockchain that has most participated in democratization, this one would definitely be NFT. And if we had to pick 2 collections that drove adoption, CryptoPunk and BAYC would be our big winners.

The first one for having given birth to the NFT because yes, the CryptoPunk are not strictly speaking NFT and the BAYC for having conquered the hearts of stars and other public personalities. Today, anyone who owns a copy of these collections is part of a prized community with unprecedented benefits. Unfortunately, with a floor price of 58.45 ETH for the Punks and 103 ETH for the Monkeys, it is a closed circle. That’s when members of the Ethereum community had an idea: “Hey, let’s use numbers to found a new community. After all, everyone understands numbers!”

1k, 10k and 100k club, the birth of tomorrow’s social clubs?

The Ethereum Name Service (ENS)

Ethereum Name Service (ENS), does it speak to you? It is the decentralized equivalent of the Internet domain names we use. Having one allows you to host data, easily receive cryptocurrencies, showcase an image, in short, build the Internet of tomorrow. Like .com, their extension and .eth.

As for domain names, it is possible to create, buy or sell ENS, at a more or less high price depending on their scarcity. Thus an ENS vitalik.eth or bitcoin.eth will sell for more than an azrfezfrdzsfr.eth.

I am my number and my number is me !

At the end of March, the user @danielgothits thinks that in a world where the language barrier is frequent, the number barrier is not very important. He then decided to launch 2 clubs, the 1k club for users with an ENS between 000 and 999 and the 10k club going from number 1000 to 9999.

If the group doesn’t have a precise roadmap, its initiative wants to be fully communitarian by taking advantage of the possibilities offered by the ENS. A sort of reset of the mundane communities that CryptoPunks and BAYC represent today in the Web3.

If the initiative can be smiled at, it was very well received by the community. Indeed, it didn’t take long before all the first 1000 ENS were mined: the 1k club was born.

But why stop in such a good way when we can boast to exceed BAYC in trading volume! The community then decides to attack the minting of the ENS of the 10k club, which again will prove to be a success; the 10k club is born.

The community begins to organize itself and because of a growing hype, the floor price of the 1k club exceeds 15 ETH!

The 10k club with a larger supply will still manage to exceed 3 ETH! Rather not bad for suites of numbers that you could create for the equivalent of 0.02 ETH a few weeks ago!

The 100k club, when the community takes over a community initiative

While the “3 digits” and “4 digits” club was born and the floor price started to become high (who has more than $6000 to invest in a number?), it was only a matter of time before a “5 digits” club emerged.

Was the community really going to play the game and create nearly 100,000 more ENS? Wasn’t the supply too great? Is such a goal achievable? Well yes, it took less than a week for the world to witness the birth of the 100k club, which although not an official initiative of the creators of the 1k and 10k clubs, coexists peacefully with them.

If the floor price of the 100k club has not taken off yet, the members of the 1k and 10k club have already made big profits. Will they be yet another NFT collection that will disappear into the market once the hype is over or will they be the birth of a new club like BAYC? What do you think? Are you part of one of these 3 clubs? Don’t hesitate to tell us on our social networks.