Opera add the BNB Chain to its crypto browser

Binance continues the path of mainstream adoption. After a successful event in the UAE and licensing in the country and in France, Binance Chain is now supported by the popular Opera browser.

Opera integrates the Binance Chain to its orchestra

For those who do not know Opera, it is a web browser like Firefox or Safari launched in 2003 and representing more than 2% of the browser market share.

Wishing to stay up to date, the company launched in January 2022 a browser specially optimized for the crypto ecosystem and Web3. A browser that is becoming more and more popular thanks to partnerships with Youtubers and Influencers of all kinds.

The presentation of the browser not being planned in this article, just remember that it :

  • allows you to easily follow the price of cryptos ;
  • to easily use Discord ;
  • to easily use Twitter;
  • includes a crypto wallet;
  • supports the Ethereum Name System (ENS) format;
  • supports Bitcoin, Solana, Polygon, StarkEx, Ronin, Celo and Nervous Network blockchains.

To this list of 6 blockchains already supported is now added the BNB Chain from Binance.

With today’s announcement of BNB Chain integration, Opera continues to streamline mainstream access to Web3 and beyond. With the Opera Crypto Browser, existing users of BNB Chain dApps and token holders alike can now join the hundreds of millions of Windows, Android, and Mac users worldwide in having unique Web3 access functionality at their fingertips.

With nearly 2% of the browser market share, there is no doubt that Opera will contribute to the democratization of cryptocurrencies on its own scale. An adoption that will go through the addition of new blockchains and tutorials on how to use the browser… Something tells me that Coinpri will be there to write some…