Qatar University lands in the Metaverse

Although cryptocurrencies have been banned in Qatar since 2018, the country’s relationship with blockchain is playing out on many levels. For example, the country is considering creating its own digital currency and Qatar, always at the forefront of technology proudly displays its ambitions in web 3.0 by setting up its prestigious university in the metaverse.

Qatar University, a first university in the metaverse

Qatar University, founded in 1977 and renowned for its high level of education, has once again distinguished itself by entering the metaverse. The university, which has trained the country’s elite and has 14 research centers, is demonstrating its avant-garde ambitions while making a new use case of the metaverse possible.

Regarding the difficulties that students encountered during the Covid-19 epidemic (quarantine, interruption of classes, etc.), the university is considering the continuity of its courses via this technology.

The metaverse, the ally of the educational Tothemoon?

This adventure was made possible thanks to an agreement signed with the Metavisionaries community. The latter is a community composed of leaders, visionaries and experts in business strategy. The ambition is to expand access to the space economy and cutting-edge technology to meet the present and future sustainability challenges facing the Kingdom.

Names such as Tara Ruttley (former NASA Associate Chief Scientist), James Green (former NASA Chief Scientist), and others of note are associated with the project.

This university intends to make Qatar and its leaders proud by being a pioneer in the field and making history on the Web3.

“I am proud to give the next generations access to the space studies program with the help of Metavisionaries.

Dr. Omar Al-Ansari, Vice President of Academic Affairs at Qatar University

“We would like to mention Qatar University’s efforts when the history of the educational digital world is written.”

Dr. Rana Sobh, Dean of the College of Business and Economics

This extraordinary program will allow Qatari students to have access to space curricula as well as to the latest cutting-edge technologies in the Web3 universe. The young Qatari generation will be trained in these high tech sectors in a world that provides access to the best in the field. The university and the courses given in the metaverse will of course be accessible to students from all over the world virtually.

Qatar inspires us this famous sentence of Aboulaye Wade, former president of Senegal: “tell me which youth you have, I will tell you which country you will be”. Its actions in the education sector and in the metaverse suggest a bright future for its future generations.