Hut 8 gets a $50 M loan from Coinbase

Hut 8, a major company specializing in Bitcoin mining, recently concluded a major $50 million credit agreement with Coinbase Credit, a renowned subsidiary of the renowned cryptocurrency exchange platform. This new partnership is particularly significant in the run-up to Halving.

Coinbase crédit makes loan to Hut 8 to boost financial flexibility

Monday, June 26, Hut 8 a officially announced the signing of a major contract with Coinbase: a $50 million credit facility. The credit is intended to meet the general needs of the mining company.

According to this agreement, Hut 8 will initially be able to borrow a term loan of $15 million with the option to obtain additional loan tranches at a later date.

The contract also provides for Hut 8 to obtain a second loan of $20 million one to two months after closing. In addition, a third option allows Hut 8 to obtain an additional loan of $15 million within 15 business days of finalizing the merger with Data Mining Group.

Jaime Leverton the CEO of Hut 8 emphasized the importance of this credit, particularly in view of the forthcoming halving of the Bitcoin. Indeed, this reduction will reduce the block reward from 6.25 BTC to 3.125 BTC.

In addition, the CEO explained that this loan will provide Hut 8 the financial flexibility needed to maintain its dynamic Bitcoin resource management strategy during this crucial transition period.

Hut 8’s conservation strategy (HODL) strengthens its Bitcoin reserves

It is worth noting that Hut 8 is renowned for its ” HODL” strategy (Hold On for Dear Life), which means holding on to one’s Bitcoin holdings despite market fluctuations.

The company owns one of the world’s largest self-mined Bitcoin reserves among publicly traded companies.

The credit facility granted by Coinbase Credit offers Hut 8 a valuable opportunity to strengthen its Bitcoin reserves. This not only consolidates its position in the Bitcoin mining sector, but also positions it favorably to take advantage of market opportunities.