Gims launches the first Meta-Concert in Europe!

he Metaverse continues to take up more and more space in our lives, and there’s no reason why it shouldn’t take up more space in the lives of artists! After showing his attraction to cryptocurrencies on several occasions, Gims is launching his first concert in the metaverse on January 26, 2023 with Dadju. A look back at this first at the European level!

Note: This article is written in partnership with Be in Meta. One ticket is up for grabs as a Coinpri reader to attend the concert! Details of the contest are coming soon, so follow us on our social networks.

She answered to the name of “Be in Meta”

Be in Meta is indeed the sweet name of this concept of “Meta-concert”. If we are the first to want to know more about this concept spearheaded by Gims and Dadju, the production has kept it a secret!

The only ones to know a little more at the moment are the Parisian studios involved in the motion capture of the event…

It is an unprecedented artistic and technological performance that crosses the live musical show, the science fiction cinematic blockbuster and the video game! We are already entering the 22ᵉ century.

Be In Meta

When we wanted to know more about the next stars, there again, mystery and gumdrop!

Other international superstars are already on board and seduced by the BE IN META.

Be In Meta

Gentlemen and ladies, place your bets on the next stars!

On a personal level, I dream of a Stupeflip in Metaverse, the potential of the CROU would be infinite. But, the rabbit (ndr: the name of the fans of Stupeflip) in me gets carried away… Let’s go back to Gims and Dadju !

Immersed as never, ever!

Small reminder of who are Gims and Dadju

January 26, 2023 will mark the launch of Be in Meta with Gims and Dadju.

Gims and Dadju are two rappers with a fanbase of 17 million people, located in France, Congo, Morocco, Ivory Coast and Belgium.

They have been rocking a part of the world with lyrics like “She answered to the name of Bella” or “Dressed like never, never” (editor’s note: you can now all coin the jokes of the subtitles of the article, congrats!) or “Queen”.

If here in Dubai, we are often in the mood for Gims, Qatar could soon do the same, Gims being in the very limited circle of artists to perform for the opening of the World Cup 2022 competition!

A complete immersion on January 26, 2023

On January 26, 2023, at 9:00 p.m., ticket holders will attend a concert on the Be In Meta platform that is more immersive than ever!

Songs and virtual world visits echoing the singers’ universes will be part of the event.

Fans from all over the world will be able to put on a personalized avatar and connect with their stars in an interactive and gamified 3D environment.

Be In Meta

If you are eager to discover the event, know that Gims and Dadju are also eager to launch it!

The concept of the concert is really new, my artistic inspirations are there and I’m looking forward to bring this 3D concert to my fans.


The preparation of the concert was already unusual with a lot of games and mysteries, we are preparing for real surprises. See you on January 26th!


For those interested, tickets will be on sale only on the official ticketing service from November 9th, yes that’s tomorrow. The luckiest ones will even be able to get special tickets to win exclusive prizes such as a meeting with Gims or the creation of a special avatar in the effigy of the winner during the concert. Good luck to you and to try to get your FREE ticket, follow us on our social networks, the contest info is coming soon!