Crypto Expo is back in March 2023 and goes abroad

When you are successful, there are two options: rest on your laurels or aim higher. Crypto Expo has made the second choice! That’s right, in addition to being back in Dubai for 2023, the Blockchain’s flagship event is now global!

Note: Coinpri is a partner of the event. We hope to see you there.😊

Crypto Expo is back in Dubai for its 4th edition!

Did you miss the previous 3 editions of Crypto Expo in Dubai? Are you in Dubai, the most famous city in the Emirates on March 8 and 9? Lucky you, you will be able to attend the 4th edition of one of the leading events in the industry!

After an edition that gathered experts from, OKX, Bybit, B2Broker, Saitama, Cashaa, JPEX, BitMart, Polygon, Lbank, Fastex, PrimeXBT,RedPadGames, MEXC, CLS Global, Huobi and Coinstore to name a few, this new edition will bring together more than 60 speakers and over 100 companies! Their mission? To speak about the future of the industry (Metaverse, DeFi, Web3, Multichain).

We’ll come back to the event in detail in a future article, but if you want to take advantage of low prices, we advise you to book your ticket without further delay.

If you’re not in Dubai at the beginning of March, we’ve got more good news for you: the Crypto Expo is going international!

Crypto Expo is coming to Singapore and Miami

Yes, you read that right! The Crypto Expo will now also be in Singapore and Miami, respectively on June 7-8 and November 16-17. If you want to know more about the two events while waiting for a dedicated article, we invite you to visit the website for Singapore and the website for Miami.

Whether 2023 is the year of the bull market or the continuation of the bear market, one thing is certain: networking and training are essential elements in blockchain! And what better way to achieve both than to go to Crypto Expo? So we hope to see you at the Dubai event or if necessary at the Singapore or Miami one!