After its March edition, the Crypto Expo is back in Dubai!

In March, the Emirate of Dubai hosted many blockchain events including the Crypto Expo. Following the success of its previous edition, the Crypto Expo is back from October 5 to 6 at the Festival Arena.

Note: Coinpri is a partner of the event. We hope to see you there.😊

The Crypto Expo is back in Dubai and it’s going big

If we had to pick the two richest months for crypto and blockchain events in Dubai in 2022, March and October would win hands down. If March has already passed, you can count on us to cover the October events! And among these events, we will have the Crypto Expo.

That’s right, after the success of its March 2022 edition, the Crypto expo is back at the Festival Arena in Dubai from October 5 to 6.

Thousands of people from 30 countries and 100+ crypto companies will attempt the event.

We are proud and excited to facilitate this in-depth exploration of the growing crypto ecosystem. By forecasting what the space will look like, we plan to provide a unique perspective on the cryptocurrency economy and the vast opportunities for attendees.
In addition to covering global developments and trends in the crypto space, Crypto Expo will illuminate the current market environment and underlying investor landscape, with speakers and panelists exploring current challenges within the ecosystem while delving into the future prospects of the crypto economy.

Michael Xuan. Co-host of Crypto expo

The Crypto expo will focus on 9 topics:

  1. What is the current Trend in Crypto Investing and Trading?
  2. How the regulation for Crypto industry is matured?
  3. Facts that constitute the current Cryptocurrency Trends.
  4. What are the top Cryptocurrencies in today’s market?
  5. How did cryptocurrency payments become part of our daily lives?
  6. Which industries have adopted cryptocurrency payments?
  7. In which ICOs should you invest and why?
  8. How to launch your own ICo?
  9. Is the adoption of stablecoins and NFTs on the move?

ICO, NFT, payment solution and decentralized finance, as you see, everything you can expect from a good crypto event will be at the crypto expo.

Coinpri will be there too, so if you want to meet us there, just go to the website to get your ticket. See you soon at the Crypto Expo and be well.