Trump plans to accept crypto donations for his election campaign

Favored to win the US presidential election in November 2024, Donald Trump is pro-crypto. During the “Trump Cards NFT Gala”, the former US president announced that he may accept cryptocurrency donations to fund his election campaign. Donald Trump also promised to adopt regulations facilitating the emergence of the Crypto sector in the United States.

Cryptocurrency to fund Donald Trump’s campaign

Whereas he was previously a fervent detractor of cryptocurrency, Donald Trump is multiplying statements and actions favorable to the crypto ecosystem. The former president proved this once again at the “Trump Cards NFT Gala”, a dinner gathering holders of his non-fungible token (NFT) collection. Answering a question from a dinner attendee, Donald Trump has come out in favor of harvesting crypto donations for his election campaign.

Can we make a crypto donation to Trump’s campaign? I think the answer is “Yes”. If that’s not possible, I’ll make sure you can.

Donald Trump.

During the same event, the former US president also shared his vision for the future of the crypto sector in the USA. Responding to a participant’s question, Donald Trump criticized the hostile regulation of the crypto sector in the United States. This has led to the departure of some crypto companies from the country, he lamented. Trump then promised to put in place regulations facilitating the emergence of the crypto industry if he is elected President of the United States again.

The former U.S. president also took aim at his main challenger, the current president Joe Biden. According to the Republican candidate, President Biden has absolutely no understanding of cryptocurrency. “If you’re for crypto, you’d better vote for Trump,” he concluded.

Trump goes from crypto detractor to crypto admirer

Former President Donald Trump is now a strong pro-crypto voice. Shortly before his pro-crypto remarks at the “Trump Cards NFT Gala“, the Republican candidate in the US elections had already turned to crypto. In addition to launching NFTTrump has recently qualified Bitcoin as an additional form of currency. He had also added that many people are adopting Bitcoin and want to pay with it.

These actions and comments stand in stark contrast to the previous position of Donald Trump On cryptocurrency. July 2019, Trump said he was “not a fan of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. For him, these assets are not money, their value is highly volatile and based on emptiness. The then President of the United States asserted that crypto is only used in illegal activities.

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What could have justified this about-face? Well, American public opinion has something to do with it. Indeed, several polls, including the Federal Reserve Bank, reveal that Americans regard crypto as a safe investment. As a result, the number of crypto users continues to grow, and represents an undeniable political clout. In addition, several crypto players, such as Coinbase, are constantly pushing for good crypto policies.

Still, it’s worth noting that the November 2024 elections seem to have been instrumental in changing Trump’s narrative toward crypto. More than before, the candidates’ stance on crypto could determine the outcome of the upcoming elections according to a recent poll. Indeed, 19% of registered US voters own cryptocurrency. Their choice in the elections will undoubtedly be influenced by the candidates’ stance on crypto. As a good politician, Donald Trump has understood this and is adjusting his positions accordingly.