Over 14,000 Cryptocurrencies Have Died In 9 Years!

According to a study by CoinGecko, 14,039 crypto projects have ceased to exist out of the 24,000 listed by this analysis platform since 2014. The majority of dead crypto projects were launched during the bullrun of 2021.

Over 14,000 dead cryptocurrencies from 2014 to 2024

Investing in cryptocurrency can pay off in the long term. Bitcoin (BTC), which today hovers around $42,000, was trading at $800, 10 years ago. However, the long-term profitability of crypto investment is not always guaranteed, and yes, you still need to choose the right crypto!

According to a study of the crypto analysis platform CoinGecko, 14,039 cryptocurrencies have ceased to exist since 2014. This represents nearly 58.3% of all 24,000 listed cryptocurrencies on the analysis platform CoinGecko since 2014.

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Note that CoinGecko considers a cryptocurrency to be dead when it fails to record any transactions in the last 30 days, is considered a scam by crypto analysts or is abandoned by the team behind the project.

The Bullrun, the maker and Killer of Crypto Projects

CoinGecko’s study shows that the bullrun is a propitious period for the emergence of cryptocurrencies that are likely to disappear. In fact, 7,530 of the 11,000 tokens listed died during the previous bullrun (2020-2021). This represents 70% of cryptocurrencies listed at the time and 53.6% of all cryptocurrencies dead over the decade. The bull market of 2017-2018 was no exception. Of the more than 3,000 cryptocurrencies listed at the time, 1,450 no longer exist.

The failure of cryptocurrencies launched during the last bullrun can be explained by the ease of deploying a token and the popularity of memecoins which are mostly useless.

CoinGecko’s study is a cautionary reminder for crypto investors. Before hodl a cryptocurrency for the long term, research its usefulness and viability. However, even with the bon coin, you’re still exposed to scams. So remember to properly secure your cryptocurrencies with a wallet like D’Cent Wallet.