El Salvador in economic cooperation with THE Swiss pro crypto city

As the first country to legalize Bitcoin, El Salvador is clearly looking to make disciples. The country has formalized an economic cooperation partnership with a Swiss city: Lugano. This one is known to be pro crypto. The announcement of the partnership came during the Plan B forum, an important meeting of exchanges on the adoption of Bitcoin that was held in the city of Lugano.

El Salvador joins forces with Lugano

The state of El Salvador and the Swiss city of Lugano have in common the fact that they are pro crypto.

El Salvador is the global pioneer in legalizing Bitcoin. Lugano, on the other hand, is a city officially promoting crypto with the help of Tether. The two entities formalized an economic cooperation partnership on October 28.

The announcement of the economic cooperation partnership was made by the Salvadoran ambassador Milena Mayorga during the Plan B Forum. The event brought together hundreds of world leaders, developers and entrepreneurs in Lugano to discuss the adoption of Bitcoin by states, the economy, financial freedom and freedom of expression.

I am delighted to have been able to announce this historic partnership between the innovative city of Lugano and my beloved home country of El Salvador. We share a love for innovation and bold ideas. This initiative will be a game changer in the exchange of ideas and best practices in economic freedom.

Milena Mayorga

Under the terms of the partnership, the State of El Salvador and the City of Lugano have set a few goals. Among other things, the two entities will be able to strengthen cooperation in education and research, support initiatives to foster the adoption of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in their respective regions and promote the exchange of students and talent.

A partnership that strengthens the power of crypto

The partnership between El Salvador and the city of Lugano will be beneficial for the citizens of both entities. This is what Michele Foletti, the mayor of the city of Lugano, thinks. For him, this alliance of Lugano, a land of innovation and El Salvador, a country working for a more inclusive global economy, will strengthen the power of cryptocurrency.

Lugano is a land of innovation and opportunity, and today’s historic announcement about our partnership with the great country of El Salvador is great news for supporters of financial freedom and the power of cryptocurrency.

Michele Foletti, the mayor of the city of Lugano

An optimism shared by the Salvadoran ambassador. Still convinced by Bitcoin, Milena Mayorga says she is waiting to see how this partnership will increase “access to security and economic freedom for all, one of the main goals of the government of President Nayib Bukele.”

El Salvador and Lugano have found a strong ally in the implementation of their economic cooperation. This is the company Tether feeding the stablecoin USDT. While congratulating El Salvador and Lugano for this partnership that promotes “the exchange of best practices and ideas regarding the power of cryptocurrency,” Paolo Ardoino, CTO of Tether pledged his company’s support to both parties.

Tether is already an important pillar in the emergence of Bitcoin in Lugano. In particular, the company has allied with the city to launch Plan B Foundation. This initiative aims to stimulate the adoption of Bitcoin in the city.

As a result of this initiative, several businesses in Lugano have integrated Bitcoin and Tether into their payment services.

In El Salvador, Tether provides a relief fund for families affected by crime. The company also supports projects to promote Bitcoin in Nayib Bukele’s country.

Thanks to their dynamism and openness to new technologies, Lugano and El Salvador have taken a big step towards financial freedom and economic inclusiveness. We hope that this partnership will help both entities to go even further in promoting a more free and open digital economy. Above all, we hope that other states can learn from their experience.